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The word "accessibility", so beloved of arts administrators, keeps nagging away in the back of my mind.

If it encourages more people to use the upper deck of a bus instead of crowding the lower deck it would be good.
However I expect they will be hardly noticed by most people except perhaps one or two slightly inebriated people going home on a night bus, they would probably think it was the drink making them see things.
They do not appear to be solar panel powered so the installation using a feed from the mains will be fairly expensive.
I wonder will they end up being used for advertising.

i heard there was going to be live 'pong' games being played (you know, tennis game on your TV that was cutting edge gaming technology in the the 1980's) on them, for that fabulous retro feel... well that was one of the original ideas anyway.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a complete waste of time and money...

Great for London's light pollution problem I bet.

Colin - no, you're not

Absolutely not, Colin. But then I think that about the O......'s - expecially f...... which is NOT a sport.

Hmmm, this conjures up the idea of a visit all 33 BusTops in one day marathon...

just saying

What. A. Waste. Of. Money.

Really, really poorly researched. (the Bus Top project, not DG's article) I was looking at the project manager's response to your earlier article in September. It is very easy to identify routes operated by double deckers (although I was very tempted to nominate one of my local stops on the 371!).

He suggests putting lots of these things on one route, so you can read a sequence. But the nomination process doesn't lend itself to that. And his suggestion was route 29 from Wood Green to Elephant & Castle. Two problems with that:
1. in its hundred year history, Route 29 has never gone south of the river.
2. until November, it is a bendybus (and therefore single-deck) route (the penultimate one to go)

Thanks for this. I live over the road and was wondering what it was since it appeared a week ago - from the street you can see that something's going on but that's about it. I may take a step ladder outside tonight.

I had exactly the same thoughts about the lack of double deckers using the stop (and no one gets on the 242 there, as all it does is meander round back streets for 15 minutes towards Hackney Central, a 10 minute walk away). Very silly.

Hey, no need for me to worry about the buses...
... I'm tall :)

OMG... you mean the Olympics is now going to include f...... !?
Hmmm. I suppose it could be a sport. Depends how long they do it for :-O

If the obscure location is because this is the prototype, then that's probably very sensible.

If they don't move it later, and this turns out to be the only Bus-Top in Hackney, then that's very stupid.

Hmmm! I think the novelty value is going to be very short lived, and then it will just become an expensive white elephant. Which will then be used for advertising to recoup the cost!

Ooh-er, d'you reckon they are doing this to encourage us to sit on top of single-deckers now, Indian fashion, to compensate for lack of seats inside?

Otherwise they would put bus-tops onto, er, tops of buses. Then we could sit on the shelters and watch them go by. They won't have to use double-deckers then, just larger shelters, which is cheaper. Take your deck chair, London Pride, bus spotters' guide, cheese sarnies. Pickle.

Hopefully the one for Havering won't end up in Elm Park otherwise it wouldn't last one night!

It seems that the Olympics have given various public bodies a licence to waste money. The Cultural Olympiad is doing nothing to improve my life and I really can't see the point.

@ Steve - why not take a can of paint too?

In Sydney all of the bus shelters were changed for the olympics. So were a lot of benches in public spaces. The bus shelters are now all run by JC Decaux and they do contain copious space for ugly advertising, yes. What they don't do is keep the rain or sun off properly. But, most importantly, what they were also designed to do was to incorporate a new design of seat that it was impossible to sleep on. Just as 'The Cross' was cleared of most of its ladies of negotiable affection so the usual temporary beds for the homeless were obliterated. It gives me some satisfaction that the mostly glass shelters are now a prime target for people to vent their anger or destructive impulses on.

Hi DG,

Thanks very much for the encouraging post. As you said, this is certainly an experimental prototype, and also in as obscure a location as it is specifically to test without a large audience. The buses running past here are largely pretty empty starting as they do at Homerton Hospital just on the next street along.

The Polycarbonate screen on the installation had some sealing issues and yesterday we went along and put a new sheet on which is also more rigid and less reflecty, which has really enhanced the view. Direct sunlight is always going to be an issue, and we're ameliorating that wherever we can in our final selection of installation sites (things like buildings casting shadow, overall orientation etc). This certainly isn't one of the final installation sites btw :)

Cheers again,


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