please empty your brain below

It's not UCL but UEL - University of East London.

dg writes: Too right it is. Fixed, thanks.
Thanks for this. I'd meant to read Nairn's London for a long time, but I've never come across it in a secondhand bookshop, and decent copies on Abebooks tend to be quite expensive. I'll go out and buy it asap...
Interesting comparisons.

The link for Tate and Lyle factory is missing.

dg writes: It was missing before half past seven, sorry.

Was it to one of Ian Henderson's photos on Flickr?

dg writes: No.
Nairn's London was going for £££s secondhand online and then I found a copy for 90p from the leftie bookshop in The Cut. Good job it's been republished then.
Hoorah! Thank you so much for covering Nairn's London, something of a pet obsession of mine. Two of my favourite things coming together Ian Nairn and diamond geezer.
Being a bit of a spotter, I Googled the registration of the Routemaster on the cover of the book - and guess what? CUV 217C was none other than the last ever service RM on route 159 back on 9 December 2005.
Golly, so it was!

The Last Routemaster

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