please empty your brain below

There's nothing like preaching from a semi-reformed lardite is there?

Ugh. You've put me right off my bacon sarnie.

In terms of what to pick up when meandering somewhat vaguely home late at night, it's less vile than a doner kebab. That's its sole redeeming feature.

You forgot mushy peas!

I think our national meal has always been the full English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh breakfast.

And don't knock the fried chicken-in-a-box. If you've got mice, it's the best thing to bait traps with. (may only work for London mice)

Never mind mice, round my way the problem is foxes. At least some of the litter is down to them fishing out the chicken-in-boxes that were tidily put into the bin.

I live above a chicken shop in Hackney: Capital of Take Away Chicken. Once you've smelled the fryers burning off last night's goop of a morning you'll never touch the stuff again. It doesn't even smell like grease or chicken, it's just...vile.

Brits have be renowned for their 'greasy spoon' cafes for at least two centuries....nothing has changed except the kind of fats used. We've exported them all around the world, some have come back radically changed (e.g. KFC et al)

Don't forget that tasty phosphoric acid in the "sugared fizzy water".

We used to have a serious problem with mangy foxes. But since the council provided every household with a wheelie bin the foxes have been unable to feed on the remains of unhealthy takeaways. So now they appear to be disease free and and have beautiful coats.

Now then, lad, tha's made a mistake in thy commentary. Cod? Tripe! 'Addock or nowt. And for god's sake take t' skin off. Mushy peas I'll allow. National dishes, indeed...

I feel it is my duty to point out that the cod is already dead at the point of frying, therefore it cannot be 'fried to within an inch of it's life'...

A notorious culprit is that takeaway opposite the "Little Driver" pub which must be responsible for 80\\% of Bow Road's litter...

For late night, post pub eating, at least a kebab is grilled, comes with a variety salad and a pitta bread. You can *almost* convince yourself it's good for you.

No amount of spin is even gonna convince me that chicken in a box is anything but scrag-ends of meat, deep fried.

I don't know about chicken in a box but I have very fond memories of chicken in a basket in the 80s. Yum yum. I think I even had it at Walthamstow Dogs.....

New Cross has a bewildering array of places to fill up your stomachs/arteries - you can smell Chick Chicken (average meal price = £2.50) from about forty feet away...

My favourite foods are Indian Briyani, Cod & Salmon Fish, Noodles, Birds meat and all kind of Fruit and Veg

Over dinner in a Japanese restaurant the other day a friend and I discussed our favourite food-nation; mine Japan and his Italy. We pondered Britains food legacy, which you've described well!

erm...younger viewers would be amused by an earlier tirade, oh I mean exposition of yours on muffins


How to set up your own fried chicken shop...

That man Ian has hit the nail on the head, skinless, filleted haddock, that's the stuff. And for Gods sake cook it in beef dripping not oil! The reason, for you southern fish and chip philistines, is, it cooks at a higher temperature, making the batter crisper, the fish stays moister, and the paper it's wrapped in stays relatively dry too!

I'd never come across Chicken-In-A-Box until I came to London. Returning to the cities I grew up in and went to university, it doesn't appear to be a problem there either so I continue to see it as characteristically London at its worst. Spot on though - under-25 and I would absolutely rather stick pins in my eyes than eat Chicken-In-A-Box

SSS of 1.21 pm, what do you think they did with all the losing dogs?

Re.Grease Vendors, I ploughed my way right to the end of the list, and nearly fell off my chair laughing. Having lived in New Cross in London a few years ago during a poor period, I can admit to actually eating some of it post pub. Mmm yummy! P.S. I am still alive.

I just had two cream teas ...

mmm, the taste of PFC - Perfect Fried CHicken!

What is it about Chicken-in-a-box shops that is so exciting? I only ask because youths seem spend literally hours hanging about outside them, not just in Hackney but even in dull old suburban Romford. Our local CIAB shop is in a quiet one-way street. Nothing ever happens and it shuts at a very suburban 10.30 but about 10 teenagers make it their evening's entertainment to hang around outside every night.

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