please empty your brain below

I was also wandering around City Hall yesterday - I wonder if I walked past Mr Geezer without even knowing it.

My visit was part of the London Photography Meetup Group's latest outing; I took some photos of the interior (and of Wapping) which came out quite well -

Oh, I blogged about this months ago Wortha visit though, if only for the view from outside on the 9th floor...


Only the one BNP oik? Count yourselves lucky - we now have nine of the buggers. :-(

@Maynard: DG is like the Scarlet Pimpernel. He walks among you, silent and unrecognised. He is everywhere and nowhere.

City Hall staff get paid £13.50 an hour for the pleasure of smiling brightly at you all day. Security staff don't get overtime as they are expected to be on duty anyway, so sometimes they take the day off and then volunteer.

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