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The spicy Mexican flatbread that the Hungry Horse chain do for breakfast is very much to my taste - if you're well-disposed towards scrambled egg and guacamole, perhaps it might be to yours as well.
Lunched there in 2018 while doing the Capital Ring. Nice pub, don't think it was a Hungry Horse in those days though.

dg writes: it was
I used to think 'Hungry Horse' was a Bruce Springsteen song, until someone told me the song in question was actually called 'Hungry Heart'..
That pub looks almost identical to the Cherry Tree in Dagenham. I wonder if there was a standard set of pub plans?
I stopped there while doing Capital Ring section 9, as it seemed to be the only pub along the route, and I was doing the walk just 4 days after the mayoral elections earlier this year, so it seemed fitting. I was the sole occupant of the pub without children, and walked away with much the same feeling as you.
Despite its use on the info board, the term "bargee" isn't generally used for boaters on the Grand Union, which mostly had narrowboats rather than barges. They tended to be called boatmen instead.
Is it a polling station today?
Ah the smell of the hops and then the beer from the Benskins Brewery in Watford. Memories from childhood.
I too remember those hoppy/beery smells, wafting over Watford Fields School.
A few years either side of 2000 I worked on the edge of the Perivale industrial estate (behind the Hoover building), an area sadly devoid of pubs. The Ballot Box was one of the closest, but IIRC it was Hungry Horse / Wacky Warehouse that far back so we preferred to make the much longer trip to the Fox And Goose at Hanger Lane instead.
Thanks for this, I remember a kids' birthday party in that Wacky Warehouse - the horrors!

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