please empty your brain below

Can anyone enlighten me regarding the potential safety risk of bicycles in tunnels and the actual non risk of wheelchairs in tunnels?? Or is it just rationing?? I am very confused...

Leytonstone, also listed, does have what I consider to be the best sort of bike parking. The cradle device clamps the bike frame and both wheels and is secured by one's own lock which is protected from large cutting tools by being enclosed. The only problem is that there's only about 15 of them and in summer they get used up very early on in the day. And some people "reserve" them by locking them closed empty.

Surely Bow Road's cycle rack (complete with "....owner's risk" sign) was removed during Metronet's 18-month "refurbishment" and never replaced?

I thought I hadn't seen any cycle racks for a while. But Bow Road is still listed on the tube map as a "station with bicycle parking".

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