please empty your brain below

Ever thought you were catching the premonition habit DG?

OK - so when were the other dates that snow hit the capital?

I am sure I recall there being snow that lasted for days sometime in the early 80's? Or was it just my misspent youth?

Alas, at this rate it may be 2012 before this winter spectacle returns - no doubt that'll bugger up our Olympic bid.

Simple solution - change the bid to one for the winter Olympics

There is, I am reliably informed, currently 4 feet of snow in upstate NY.

TW: the last big snowfall was in February 1994, and then there was the Great London Blizzard of Christmas 1836 of course

LP: Alas, the closest Winter Olympics are in 2010 and 2014

W-cP: Now come on, how many people do you know in NY?

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