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It looks like a piece of heaven.I have never been there but I really want to visit it.

When you are out and about in this area, it is difficult to believe that you are so near the center of London. I grew up around this area, back in the 1950's, looking at some of the photos it's not changed all that much.

I really enjoyed reading your blog about this section of the walk.
However I am familiar with the places you have visited so far,I wonder how people who do not know the locations find the reading of this series.
Your Capital Ring articles could make the basis for an interesting book. Adding extra information where there's just been a link on the web article.
Perhaps when you retire you will become a writer and get some books published. Although by that time I doubt if I shall be around to read them!.

I went over to Harrow and Harrow-on-the-Hill, last year, after finding that the latter had provided locations for one of my favourite series from the 1960's, "Randall and Hopkirk (deceased)"
I was able to get a sense of where their 'office' would have been, but much of that area of the town has changed, with a new shopping mall, and there's even a new name for the road where it used to be.
I did take a walk around the town, but not, so far as I was aware, along the Capital Ring. One section - that came out on to sloping fields not unlike your photo of Horsenden Hill - sticks in the mind, inasmuch as the path that led there passed through what appeared to be a disused graveyard.
I've wanted to go back to see more, ever since. Thanks for providing a good reason to do so.

Ah, Football Lane... On my school cross country course (Harrow County Grammar), we had to run up Football Lane twice (it was the middle bit of a figure-of-eight course), often with the games master hanging around to make sure you actually ran up!. Still, it was better than doing rugby! The golf course at Northwick Park is where our rugby and cricket pitches used to be.

The Ring misses the best view from Harrow Hill. Branch off up to St. Mary's church, go through the churchyard to Byron's monument and a viewfinder - unfortunately the view from here is usually obscured by overgrown trees, but drop down through the cemetery and there's a much better view from the top of the fields.

Northwick Park Hospital was where my dear old Gran gasped her last. I can't imagine many come out of there without at least a severe case of depression!

@ Steve Bird. Thanks for the reference to the Byron monument which now tells me where it was that my (unplanned) walk took me. Yes, the view from the top of those fields was fantastic!

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