please empty your brain below

Eye protection and Covid, looking on the net, there are versions of this story going back to May 2020 when it was 'eye protection', but a September story it was 'wearing glasses'.

Both of my siblings have now had their first vaccinations, one because of age/health and one job related, I assume I'll be called up soon, seeing as nothing bad has happened so far, I assume it'll be safe - plus I've been having the flu jab for over 10 years.

US death toll now exceeds those lost in WW II, Korea and Vietnam, the WW I total was 116,516 which'll probably be matched too, I wonder about the effects on the surviving population.
Can you provide a link to “ cases surging in Israel despite jab success”? Seems to contradict what I’ve read and heard. Thanks!
• Israel eases lockdown after vaccine rollout
• cases surging in Israel despite jab success

This is extremely worrying, as we are intending to do the same here!
Though I must admit I think as soon as schools and shops open again, we'll be heading in the same direction again.

Meet one outside but cram 20-30 in a room with a teacher = recipe for disaster!

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