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For those with young children, the optimum time to revisit feels like every few months. I got quite good value out of my annual ticket thanks to a train obsessed toddler!
I'm surprised you're not a museum friend, DG! For £30 a year, you get free entry to the museum, one free entry to the Acton depo, plus priority booking (& discounts) on the Hidden London tours.

The Down Street tour is very expensive - and it's what's putting me off going on it. But I've done many of the other tours and they're absolutley fantastic. The guides really know their stuff.
The Hidden London tour now gives only 50% off the Museum entry-at least that's what's on my recently acquired Moorgate ticket.

I've done Down Street (and Charing Cross and Piccadilly) and enjoyed it; it is dear but as it appealed to my underground geek as well as my wartime London geek, I just had to go.The guides are very important and really make the tour.

Ah, the £85 Down Street tour comes with a free museum ticket, but the other tours just offer half price admission (i.e. £9)

Oh, thanks for that DG. We didn't notice on the previous tours.
It's probably been around 10=12 years since I last visited, proper - I've popped into the shop since, but feel no compulsion to go back unless I have small kids in tow again.

North End (Bull & Bush): I didn't know it actually had a name!
Living in Burnt Oak, from our earliest years we were always told to look out for the Ghost Station as soon as we entered the tunnel after Golders Green, (having looked out for the cadets using the assault course, the skid pad and the Tardis at the Hendon Police College first!) so that's what it became known as!
I still do!!
I remember watching The Boy Who Turned Yellow at my local library in one of their evening sessions in the late 70s. I haven’t seen it since, but the snippet in your link has convinced me to have another look!
Often I find the right time to go to a fairly permanent colection is never, as I keep prioritising whatever is temporary.
One of the problems with this week's Lottery specials is that I indulged myself 2? years ago when they last ran the scheme, and that's certainly too recent.

I'd say 7 years for something expensive, down to a few months for something free (I'm always popping in the Museum of London or the British Museum)

Historic Royal Palaces, 15 years!
The Postal Museum is £16 for entry and though I only went a few weeks ago, can't wait to go back. It is a 10 mins walk from Kings Cross and you get a ride on the undergroung mail train on your first visit. Plus the gift shop was ace, and there is a good cafe.
If you pay full price and gift aid you can come back as many times as you want in a year just need to get ticket validated first time. My small son likes visiting frequently (but does not like hand driers in loos, why do they do that, lots of kids don't like them).
New cafe opens tomorrow :)
But it's a Benugo :(
Last time I went I got in free as I knew a member of staff many years ago. I dont think its worth £18. As kids we went to Clapham Transport Museum on the bus, must have been a 5p bus fare and something like 50p entrance
Love the transport museum - working for Tfl got free entry and also many of our away days involved visiting the disused tube stations. Happy days.

Haven’t been to down street though. £85 seems very steep!
Thanks for the tip-off on the lottery offers, DG. I made my first ever purchase (a £1 scratchcard) and had an enjoyable two hours at the LT museum.
Is the spiral staircase in the exhibition 15 stories tall (or at least signed that it is equivalent to 15 stories) :-)

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