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It was trade union offices for more than 30 years - latterly the ASTMS. Not sure whether or not the NT don’t think it’s worth mentioning.

dg writes: They mention it.
I went to a couple of gigs there in the 80's. Brain of Morbius....
I was always under the impression that Bromley Hall on the Blackwall Tunnel approach road was East Londons oldest home.
"The oldest home in East London" is the claim on the map they give you at reception (1530s).

Bromley Hall is 50 years older (1480s), but no longer especially home-y.

Depending on your definition of East London, Ancient House in Walthamstow is another half century older (1430s) and still occupied.
Grandparents lived just round the corner in Sutton Place in the 1950/60s, but I never knew of Sutton House at the time; I think that was when it was a Trade Union HQ. I finally visited it about 15 years ago, but it seems to have developed since then.
Time to dust off my NT card, and at least explore the tube-able properties!
Probably 20 years or more ago, my late mother was a volunteer guide at Sutton House. When I visited the property a few years back, I recall that the tearoom was very much DIY, ie. find a cup, a tea bag, and some hot water and make it yourself.
Is that a coach I spy at the back of the Breakers Yard?
It was a great tea room, I'd have lunch there whilst waiting for my cab to be repaired.
Nice writeup but no mention of all the super Dinky/Lesney toy cars set into the gates which made the biggest impression of all on me.

dg writes: see earlier post.
I actually thought that Sutton house was in Sutton until I saw Tuesday's picture and recognized that that is Hackney
I remember the aggro about the NT wanting to sell it off at the time, reported in Time Out and/or City Limits. When we went in 2017 there were LGBT themed art interventions.

The room done up as a squat amused me as it bore a freakily close resemblance to my girlfriend's room living out in Divinity Road in the early to mid 1980s.

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