please empty your brain below

You're really on a roll, aren't you? It's making my brain hurt.

simply stunned at the detail involved - bravo!

BBC Breakfast will be digging here again for tomorrow

So Easter can never be later than April 26th?

April 25th.
There are no 'z's in that table.

O.K. O.K. I`ll talk. Let me sign the bloody thing. I did it--- just let me sleep

Does it mean I can plant my spuds now?

Many years ago, when the world was still new and 286s were bleeding edge computing, I wrote a program to calculate all the dates of Easter for the next 5000 years. It took most of a day to run. Enthused by your last few posts I've just tried it on a new computer, I think it finished running before I finished hitting Enter.

Quite what this goes to show, or how it relates to your post I'm not really sure. Happy Easter.

Oh, there's a picture somewhere of my brother and me building a snowbunny Easter 1986 What fun. Maybe tomorrow we can recreate it =)

I looked outside this Easter morning, and it seems we can add 2008 to the list of snowy Easters.

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