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You can't buy the nice soft ones any more. They are all like tea towels these days.

They probably hide in the same place as the lost odd socks. I think they're plan to wait until there are enough of them to bid for world domination. Shouldn't be long in my house!

My daughter unearthed a whole nest of them but unfortunately they are the small sort. I need the man size ones.

There used to be a street seller of proper hankies at the bottom of Upper Street/Liverpool Rd (Near Angel). Is he still there?
Otherwise get yourself up to that discount retailer in Leyton - plenty to be had there.

Once suffering a particularly bad 'Summer cold' I went into the aforementioned M&S and BHS in July looking for hankies. Only to be told they were more of a 'Winter' item and not stocked in the summer months. Explaing that people get colds all through the year though, was greeted only with blank looks.

I finally tracked down an unopened monogrammed box of 3 in a charity shop.

The initials were not mine, but I'm sure whoever 'T' was he wouldn't mind.

Fear not, as soon you'll be able to buy really really over-priced hankies from John Lewis!

On second thoughts, I'll stick with Peacocks!

Here people are trained to carry a clean handkerchief every day from kindergarten age, but the worst thing you can do is use it to blow your nose - it's strictly reserved for mopping sweat off your brow and drying your hands in public conveniences where there's no driers or paper towels. Nose-blowing is with tissues only, which are disposed of as quickly and hygienically as possible. After all, why would you *want* to carry around old bits of bodily excrement in your pocket?

I haven't used a hankie in decades. Paper tissues are preferable. 'snot a problem for me.

I'm glad to see that Captain Peacock is maintaining standards :-)

Claire makes a good point, but I still prefer a proper handkerchief. I think I have three plain white ones on rotation, and they get washed as often as the jeans in whose pockets they live (ie once a week or so). However, my favourite was the one I "inherited" when we went through my grandfather's possessions when he died in 98. It finally disintegrated last year.
By the way, they're also useful for spectacles-cleaning, at least until snot makes that counter-productive...

There is a ghost
that eats hadkerchiefs.
It keeps you company
on all your travels.

(Christian Morgenstern)

A roll of white kitchen paper.No you dont carry the whole roll with you, unless you have a gaggle of young children in tow,just a few in some pockets. infinitely cleaner and disposible and very cost effective in these straightened times

I always have a clean handkerchief but only for cleaning my glasses. To blow my nose I always use tissues. I too cannot see the point of carrying a pocket full of snot with you.

ebay. 4 packets each containing 10 white handkerchiefs £7.49

I almost find things I can't find elsewhere on ebay for a fair price.

I never sell things on ebay mayself.

What an odd tradition it is that women's hankies are small and men's hankies are large.

Ars*nal fans have been going through a lot of handkerchiefs since Saturday

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