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Oh you saw some good ones there! Grange walk contains the oldest houses in Bermondsey, and 67 is very nice indeed.

I liked the fact that the meeting rooms in the Bluefin Building are named after typefaces. Try as I might, though, I couldn't find Comic Sans.

And in the pub later, I overheard some people talking about their visit to City Hall. One said "...and Danny took some amusing pictures of Boris Johnson". I'm not sure the fact that our Mayor is described as if he's an attraction at the zoo is good or bad...

The Southwark Local History Library is only temporarily based at Peckham Library.
It's permanent base is tuced behind John Harvard Library, on Borough High Street,not too far from London Bridge.
John Harvard Library is closed for a huge refurbishment, with a large Lottery grant. It should've re-opened in June. Then end of September...but still no date. Southwark Council are in danger of losing the Lottery grant if it's not completed in time, & will have to find £1.2 million to fund it themselves, if the Lottery people pull the plug!

Wonderful! I love reading about these places even though I'll probably never get to visit them myself. It's the sheer diversity that makes London so fascinating!

what a gorgeous footage of architecture in that first picture..

Great choice of location. The Blue Fin building is on my list of places to visit too.

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