please empty your brain below

I'd like an Alaskan lupin, please.

I hope you're having a lovely holiday. Apologies for off-topicness, but your blog keeps crashing Firefox and I was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. I made the huge mistake of updating to Firefox 5 you see. Other Blogspot pages are fine.

@misspiggy No problems with Firefox 5 for me (here or elsewhere).

The church had scaffolding all around its tower when I visited (many moons ago) - nice to see it in all its glory.

The church spire is really special, love the primary colours of the houses.
Same here misspiggy Firefox 5 on a Mac working fine everywhere.

As it's been mentioned (I wasn't going to, yet, as there probably isn't a lot that can be done from half-way up a volcano or a tall building, or from the steaminess of a geyser) I'm also having problems with the page fully loading in FF (and sometimes loading at all in IE, although it's OK in Opera), and have been for several days. I'm still using FF V4.something.

I think it's something in the right sidebar doing it.

There's nothing fundamentally new in my sidebar that wasn't there months ago. But if there is something dodgy, then now is not the time to fix it :)

Great pics, love the church, looks space age.

It works perfectly in Firefox 2.

The pictures of Iceland are wonderful, both the cityscapes and the volcano-scapes. But I have one challenge (Mission Impossible?) for the rest of your stay. Is there one piece of litter or graffiti or urban grunge or something that is badly run in the whole of Iceland?? Of course, if you could take a picture of an economy that has gone belly-up, that would fit the bill. But Iceland always looks so damned clean and wholesome, both pre and post bust...

On further consideration, it may be the flickr gallery stalling it: the page is only loading to the flickr text line above the pictures in FF, and no sidebar.

Most odd. I will just have to get my DG fix via Explorer. But thanks for responding everyone, and hope you enjoy the rest of your hols DG!

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