please empty your brain below

Do they not spell it geysir?

Iceland is beautiful. Enjoy your holiday.


Just where I'd like to go.

I hope that you have a great holiday, it's a place I really should one time visit.

Have fun.

hehe, enjoy the geezers

I think one of my guesses yesterday was Reykjavik. Wasn't a bad guess then really, was it? If only I'd put a bet on it!

Anyway, enjoy your holiday DG! :-)

Visited Iceland a few years ago. Best week of my life. Enjoy!

Oh yes - you definitely have to try the outdoor swimming experience - I'm not wishing rain but it is one hell of an experience swimming in warm water whilst the rain falls on you!

Ah yes, I'd love to go back to Iceland one day and see more than just Reykjavik maybe too next time.

Hope you didn't bother cramming extra jumpers into your luggage - Icelandic knitwear is the finest known to humankind.

Still hoping for pictures of horses and volcanoes ...

I screamed when I saw the r!

Really great blog, shame it took me so long to know it was about. I also blog about East London, so really good to get a different view on it

Enjoy Iceland. I'd love to go one day. I've just come back from 3 weeks camping in Norway, bloody difficult to sleep when it never really gets dark.

On the 3rd day I asked for an extra pillow to block-out the daylight and I was politely asked as to why I did not use the black-out curtains, hidden behind the fancy curtains?.Dahhhhh

Ahh... that's what we like to see. A mid-summer post about late-night daylight, not tube announcements!

Enjoy, Mr Geyser. And send us a postcard or two.

Reykjavik - probably the most misspelt capital city in the world :)

dg writes: Ah yes, ykj, oops, sorry.

Have a good holiday!

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