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It is a good change. I always thought it was always pointless going back and fourth via the loops. Very few people used it to begin a journey from Wembley stadium either, at least as best as I can tell, during the off-peak.

When are the changes to bus route 440 going to occur?
Nomination for the daftest route ever, the 23, Hammersmith to North Kensington via Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch. No longer can shoppers in Kensington or Knightsbridge catch a direct bus to take them along the length of Oxford Street. Back in the 1970s when I drove 73s to Hammersmith and beyond, this busy link carried full loads in both directions and its replacement no.10 no doubt did too. Useful Links have been lost in an attempt to starve Oxford Street of buses. Too many hapless amateurs working for TFL. The impression is given that many changes to the bus network are made merely in an attempt to justify their jobs.

dg writes: Blogged.
The changes to the 440 are done on the same day, when it'll be extended from Stonebridge Park to Wembley 'Eastern Lands' direct via Harrow Road (as well as rerouted in Acton).

The 440 has itself changed since its introduction, this will be the second one this year and afterwards it'll cover a minority of its original routeing.

The 204 and 224 will now no longer meet, breaking the links with the section of the 226 (Golders Green - Burnt Oak) they replaced back in 1990.
Rather worryingly, if you google buses from Oxford Circus the first result is a pdf from the tfl website showing a bus map from 2014!

I was going to defend my ex-tfl colleagues but that is both hapless and amateurish.

I wonder how many old maps are still on the website and appear in google.

One of the worst routes I've ever rode. I tried to do this end to end back in 2018 and it was so dreary, dizzy and tedious, for then to suddenly terminate 80 mins into the journey at the end of Brentfield Road, where I gave up.

I'll do this again properly when it gets cut to Alperton. Normally I attempt routes before they get cut, but not this one.
Hmmm... LOTS 4464 ?
St Raphaels. I get that no bus routes go through the estate. But as well as starting within and weaving their way out, a similar number of buses start elsewhere and weave their way in.
I can't remember if I've taken this bus from Wembley to Ikea or not now. I'm sure I would have remember such a tortuous route, but I definitely remember seeing St Raphael's as the destination!

Sadly the Boat or the Plough at Alperton was to be the watering hole at the end of one of my canal walks! They had looked open on Google Streetview - ie not boarded up!
Got to Alperton station to head home to find it closed for engineering works! Not one of my more successful excursions!

Iveagh Avenue has to be the most pretentious spelling of Ivy I've ever seen though!!
The 110 is another candidate for almost going full circle, although it does not have any double runs.

Hounslow to West Mid Hosp, 1.5 miles direct, 6.8miles by 110.

Even more bizarrely 110 ran beyond Hounslow to West Mid until 2016, but at that time the other end was at Twickenham. This is another route with changes planned, but they are currently on hold because of the Hammersmith Bridge closure.
Iveagh Ave is named after Lord Iveagh, chairman of Guinness, the Avenue used to run to the boundary of the Guinness Factory when it was brewed in Dublin and London and not just imported from the Emerald Isle.
In fact, Iveagh is nothing to do with Ivy. Historically, Iveagh was an area in the north of Ireland. The Guinness family are Earls of Iveagh and there used to be a Guinness brewery at Park Royal. Iveagh Avenue must be named after the now-demolished brewery.
Another "almost" circle is the U2. From Uxbridge NE to Hillingdon Station, then south down Long Lane (with an off-peak loop round a housing estate) to Hillingdon Hospital, then almost back to Uxbridge with a terminus at Brunel University.
Excluding circular routes, the H13 are 224 are (by some distance) London's most roundabout bus routes.

In runners-up position, I think,
are the 61, 110, 376 and U2,
then the 191, 325, 455 & D7.
I think that the 294 and 331 ought to be in there somewhere, after all the 110 takes around 6.5 miles not going very far, whereas the 294 takes 10 and the 331 takes 14, although the 110 termini are closer together than those of the 331.
Agreed, so...

» H13, 224
» 61, 110, 331, 376, U2
» 191, 294, 325, 455, D7
Another one in inner south east London - the 381. County Hall and Peckham aren't that far apart as the crow flies, but the 381 manages to wander around much of the northern part of the borough of Southwark, taking up to an hour and a half for an end to end journey.

From County Hall it begins north-eastwards, staying close to the south bank of the river as it passes through Waterloo, Southwark, London Bridge, Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. It then loops round Rotherhithe peninsula to Canada Water, almost doubling back on itself, then to Surrey Quays Tesco almost doubling back on itself again, then South Bermondsey with another almost-circle to serve The Blue. At The Blue, the 381 is less than half a mile from Bermondsey tube station, which it passed more than half an hour earlier. Then it turns almost back on itself again in South Bermondsey before finally deciding enough is enough and heading for Peckham.

dg writes: It's sinuous, but it's not top ten.
The 386 in South East London (Blackheath Village - Woolwich) is another odd one. It's almost a figure of eight.

TfL did consult on a change to the Twyford Abbey bit of the 224 but despite saying they would go ahead appear to have completely forgotten about it.

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