please empty your brain below

Yes,I remember Newbury Park . . .

My uncle lived in Brentwood and on a number of occasions in the late seventies we would drive to Newbury Park, and catch the tube from there. I can't imagine the service was greatly better than that at Brentwood station which was walking distance from his house. Perhaps he was a fan of the bus station (a very fine bus station indeed).
This looks like an entry for the 'worst walks in London'
Good to get the really bad part of the walk over and done with first.
Driving that stretch of the A12 is bad enough, yet you WALKED it! Dedication beyond the call of duty.
Man, those stations look empty. Were LT expecting more development than actually happened?
Those highlighters and benches at Gants Hill were installed in the 1980s, before that the space was uncluttered as envisioned by the architect.
Thank You DG. This used to be one of my regular running routes, which I think was about 16 miles. No such thing as a bad walk or run. I might go visit again.

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