please empty your brain below

We’re so familiar with missing line breaks on websites these days, we autocorrect as we read.
ooooh, carriage return, that takes me back
It may be TFL commissioned art
I've not noticed before that it won't let me expand the status for two lines at the same time, making it harder to compare different sets of replacements to decide which route might be less of an ordeal.
Carriage returns and semicolons. I doubt the people who write this stuff now what these are, let alone when to use them.
A bit of computer pedantry -- technically the terminator at the end of a line is most likely to be a sequence of the carriage return+line feed ASCII characters (on Windows/DOS), or just the line feed ASCII character (on modern Macs and UNIX-based systems). On old Macs (pre-2002) it was indeed just the carriage return character.

These differences used to cause problems when you tried to open a file created on a non-Windows computer in Windows -- it wouldn't recognise the "incomplete" line endings and run everything together as one line. Nowadays most good software can spot this issue.
Semicolons are likely to be stripped out too...

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