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New York
21°19′07″N 157°55′21″W - a stop at Honolulu airport, en route to another Hawaiian island.
Laredo, Texas.
Los Angeles
Rarotonga, Cook Islands. 159.8 degrees West
Somewhere in Florida
Toronto, Canada
Puntagorda, on La Palma in the Canaries.

My son has been to New Zealand via Los Angeles, so his "furthest west" actually has an Easterly longitude.
Vancouver Island
Somewhere on the western part of Manhattan
Like Sara, I have been to Vancouver Island which is very marginally more west than DG has been.
San Francisco too
Los Gigantes, Tenerife, on a family holiday at some point in the early 90s.
28°14'26.40" N -16°50'14.99" W
Sintra, Portugal
Olympic National Park, Washington State (looking across to Vancouver Island)
Clearwater (Florida)
San Francisco airport
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Cleveland, Ohio. 81°40′11″W
San Francisco
Sandy Lane Beach, Barbados (59 W)
I've actually circumnavigated the globe three times, once eastwards and twice westwards (all travelling for work) but the furthest west I've actually stood on the planet is San Francisco Airport, 37° 37' 16.6872"N 122° 22' 44.8041"W
Immediate assumption was Seattle. But actually it was Vancouver - just a little further west.
Somewhere on the ferry trip between Vancouver Island and Vancouver, apparently. 48°42'29"N 123°26'37"Wish
San Francisco
Pretty much the same as you - although I think I went a bit further along Highway 1, cutting back inland somewhere around Hamlet to visit a recording studio in Cotati
Anchor Point, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska (-151.8)
That'd be somewhere on the shores of Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala - a pretty good one I think!
Farmington, Wisconsin, USA
somewhere in an Indian reservation in the everglades in Florida
Somewhere in Los Angeles.
This month, Pembroke in Wales.
San Francisco
San Franciso for West (you just beat me with Point Reyes)
A865 near Kildonan, South Uist, UK 7°23′49″ W
W: Centennial Park, Nashville TN
Nanaimo (Vancouver Island, Canada)
Perth in Western Australia. But it would be quicker to go east from Bow, I think.
Vancouver, pretty much the same longitude as the lighthouse
Seattle airport
We got to New Zealand via Los Angeles and Fiji.
Battery Park, New York, NY, USA..
Dún Aonghasa, on the island of Inishmore - off the coast of Galway in Ireland
Freshwater West beach, in Pembrokeshire, Wales
Off the coast of Bridgetown, Barbados on a catamaran
Either Glasgow Airport or somewhere in Paisley.
Kona coast - Hawaii
Honalulu 21°18′N 157°49′W
Whistler, BC, Canada. Looks like it squeezes out my Marin country trip by a little, but this is based from Goole maps - what should we use?
Tofino, Canada (49.153933, -125.907071)
The Museum of Anthropology on the western tip of Vancouver, BC.
Los Angeles - probably the airport: my actual destination was Pasadena, but that's further east.
Probably Peaceful Bay, WA, Australia. Long time ago.
Squamish, Canada. It's near Vancouver.
Whale-watching, about 5km off Monterey - California, USA
Whale watching off Monteray too!
Key West
Newark Liberty International Airport (40°41′33″ N, 74°10′7″ W)
On the Alaska Railroad, near Talkeetna and Mount McKinley (Denali) National Park, about 62°25.5'N, 150°7.6'W
Er, probably around Honolulu, around 158°W.

But I'm sure we were deplaned when flying with Air New Zealand on an Island in the Pacific somewhere - Samoa, or Tonga, might be around 175°W. Probably not Fiji, which would be around 179 or 180°W. The Aleutians or Tuvalu straddle the anti-meridian.
Hudson's Landing, Vancouver, BC
Cincinnatti Airport, Kentucky
West: Honolulu International Airport
Newark Airport, New Jersey.
San Francisco. I think as I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (and turned around and went back over it)
The USS Arizona Memorial in O'ahu, Hawai'i
Viñales in Cuba.
Okinawa,Japan for a couple months in 1946.
Arerenga Tapere, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
Juneau, 134.4216 degrees W.
Didn't realise it at the time, but somewhere on US101 about five miles south of Eureka, California.
156°02’ W - Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keāhole, Hawaii, USA
Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey
San Francisco
Dunvegan Castle
2/2 same as DG: Point Reyes lighthouse
Eielson Visitor Centre, Denali, Alaska.
63.431083, -150.311452

Almost my most northerly point too. A remote spot in the foothill of Mount McKinley
San Francisco
AK Highway 3 between Anchorage and Fairbanks. Probably somewhere in the vicinity of Trapper Creek, Alaska.
Kauai, Hawaii, USA.
Sitka, Alaska.
I love that lighthouse. I was there once with my daughter (5yr old at the time). She demanded that I carry her up the stairs.

Furthest west - Barking Sands Beach, Kauai Hawaii.
Petaluma, California.

A 2-day trip out of San Francisco to stay with some friends. Turns out it's slightly NW of San Francisco itself.
My East & South are the same (Singapore) and West & North are the same (Whitehorse in the Yukon). Though of course I could be very specific and find the exact spots, but it's not that kind of blog is it....

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