please empty your brain below

You're quite right,DG. We would have picked up that it was the wrong complementary,so instead can I ask what a 'webiste' is,when it's at 'ome?😉
But was indeed paying you a compliment, whether or not your response justified it!
Ah, the cut-and-paste generation. Don't cha just love 'em.
Ah but they are not just historic walks, they are historic walks *with free gingerbread*.

How could you resist ?
Isn't a 'sneak peak' a mountain in disguise?
Haha! Just spotted you in [REDACTED] taking a photo of a number 50 bus!

dg writes: Bang to rights.
You know, if they included all the people who send out such rubbish, the unemployment figures would be horrendous. Be nice if they all got proper jobs and stopped pestering genuine service providers like you!
Haha! I knew it was you. Sadly by the time I figured you were running across the road!
I thought when I was told to "get on my bike" that a job is a job. What are "proper jobs"?
Who else would take a photo of the number 50 bus! ha-ha
That was the giveaway. Oh yes.
Surely a post using the word 'curate' would be fine if they were discussing apprentice vicars?

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