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The long abandoned subterranian toilets used to frequented by crews on the old 715 Greenline coach.
It's a long way from Guildford to Hertford. An unofficial special stop was made for this purpose.
Specifically a 'greyhound', local politics at work.
It's an attractive little park, with an unusual variety of trees and bushes. I took it to be the retained gardens of a large house when I sometimes lunched there in the summers of the late 80s. In my memory the predominant sound is the high-pitched squeal of the brakes of buses stopping opposite.
The long-demolished lavatories (or at least the entrance) also feature in the film "On The Buses". Stan parks at a stop outside the shops and rushes across the road to the conviences & shenanigans ensue (although I cannot remember what sort of shenanigans).

Very much here for blog entries about my locality, although while you were visiting my area yesterday, I was walking section 14 of the Capital Ring, in your backyard.
I apologise to readers who've come here as respite from posts about transport, only to find the majority of the comments are about buses.
I worked for Enfield Council and Wilfred D. Day was better known by his second name, Derek.
Some of the users of London's second busiest bus stop may be bound for Bush Hill Gardens on a 329 bus.
No need for afterword apology mate, you cannot hit it out of the park EVERY single day just most of them! I really enjoyed the My London takeoff by the way.
Knowing the bus route is important for us non-drivers!
It infuriates my husband that if he needs directions to anywhere locally I can only do so by referencing the bus route(s) it's served by!
I grew up in Bush Hill Park. When I was a kid in the sixties, that was my local Library and it was Bush Hill Library rather than Ridge Lane. That park was beautiful in the sixties and it still retains part of that charm.

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