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H26's due new buses imminently; they're already delivered but yet to go into service.
In your original table Staines/Feltham/Sunbury is Queen of Hearts, but you've headed the article with the queen of diamonds?

dg writes: Yes, sorry, but now fixed. In your comment the first playing card has capital letters, but you've written the second without?
As soon as I saw you were in feltham I hoped you would mention Freddie and Queen :)
The H26 was even more meandering as it used to serve the Cargo Area and T4.
Very interesting, I love a Blue Plaque in a regular street, especially when it's someone I know.

Herbert Dip is the perfect title for this quest btw (now that I've gone back and re-read the original article!)
You can enter some of the nature reserves at Bedfont lakes, just open the gates. There are some nice peaceful walks inside and some hides to bird watch from.
Where you entered the park from the H26 bus stop the fields on the opposite site of Bedfont Road have recently been opened up with new paths laid, also some seats provided. A lot of trees planted and another ex gravel pit "lake" landscaped in the same style as Bedfont lakes.

The level crossing in Feltham is due to be removed in the next few months.

I think the heritage trail just went around some of the old buildings around the green plus the area around Feltham Magistrates court (built 1902 and due to close soon). It also included St Dunstan's Church.
Hatton Road is a good place to park to avoid Heathrow carpark charges.

I visited Sparrow Farm recently and IIRC the chippie was shut down for hygiene problems.
Amazing peacocks! The arch connecting those piles of pillows appears to be part of a dragon/serpent, shown more clearly in the first link (from 2009, when the head was in better shape).

In all another fascinating post; thank you.
I too will be visiting Hatton Cross later at about 23:50, 00:35, 04:35 and 05:15. However, all I shall see is the Great South-West Road when I'm on top of the River Crane. Can hardly wait.
Of course back in the early 2000's you could have returned home from Feltham by London Crosslink. If you picked the right train it was around 55 minutes to Stratford.

I once had to go to Feltham Young Offenders centre for work. Just as I got out I saw the bus disappearing into the distance. It's the only time I've accepted a lift from a stranger in London.
My antique Ordnance Survey map - 1920s? - doesn't piss around: HMYOI Feltham is succinctly labelled "Borstal"!
Since this is neither a current borough nor a former one, the question arises what it would have been called. 'Spelthorne' would actually have been quite suitable, as the ancient Hundred of that name included Feltham as well as Sunbury and Staines (though it also included some places now in Richmond).
It would be fascinating to map where in London DG's posts relate to and how that changes over time.
It feels to me that the last few months have seen notably fewer Bow-related posts than usual and an appreciable increase in those from the Heathrow area.
Are you scouting for a new home DG?
St.Cathrine's in Feltham was as you wrote council offices, they relocated to Bedfont Lane. The building is not vacant however as it was converted into small apartments and is in use as homeless peoples accommodation.
Only the steeple remains of the original church building.
My father lived in West Bedfont in the 1940s and remembers the peacocks. Indeed, apart from the dualling of the A30 and the appearance of two motor cars in his front garden, the place doesn't seem to have changed much.

By the way, Feltham's level crossing is unusual in being on a one way street.

Appropriate that your "Queen of Hearts" visit should include a mention of the lead singer of "Queen". Before he was famous, he sold hats in a market stall. [link]
I wonder where the workshop was that produced the 1930's 'Feltham' trams for London?
The Feltham trams were built by the Union Construction Company, part of the "Combine" which ran most bus, tram and Tube services in London in the 1920s, at its factory on Hanworth Air Park, now the Air Park Way retail park south of Feltham station. The factory closed when the Combine became part of London Transport, as the Act of Parliament creating LT prohibited it from manufacturing its own vehicles.
Back in the day my first teaching job was at Sparrow Farm Primary school! Despite my best efforts, I know at least one of my ex-pupils ended up in the Young Offender's Institution too!

More recently, the 17th century pub in Hatton (the Green Man) provided a very nice lunch stop on the London Loop. The fireplace inside is amazing, which its history displayed on a board alongside.
Nice of you to mention Bedfont & Feltham Football Club... I'm on the committee there!
BirdsEye's UK head office is in Bedfont Lakes estate and we're grateful for their sponsorship over the last two seasons.

I've been involved with the club for just over 30 years, originally as Feltham FC. They used to play at the (now gone) Feltham Sports Arena in Shakespeare Avenue.

I'm one of the Webmasters, and I produce the match programmes.
It would appear that you were being spied on from Freddie's former bedroom wilst taking the pic.
Surprised you got basic detail about Freddie Mercury wrong given your normal diligence DG.

His parents were indeed Bomi and Jer Bulsara, but Jer was his mum, who passed away last November aged 94

dg writes: Alas, I'm not surprised, This is why I shall never write a book.

LOTS reports the first two new buses for the H26 went into service on Saturday. The peak vehicle requirement is four

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