please empty your brain below

that's 19 boring posts.

dg writes: I can promise you 30.

On an academic theme, the University of London has nineteen constituent colleges. In addition, London also has nineteen grammar schools.

dg writes, OK, they're in, thanks.

London-born musician Paul Hardcastle had a number one hit with the record 19 in 1985.

Do I win?

N-n-n-n-n-n-n,no. You don't win.

doesnt clapham junction have 21 platforms or something?? or are you only counting termini?

dg writes: Capham Junction has 16 platforms
(see 16)

Incidentally, why is Ilford IG? Why not IL, IF or ID?

Think it was to give a hint of Ilford + barkinG, Ken.

@anon: then IB, shurely?

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