please empty your brain below

Displeased at the recent quality of some comments, are we?
That's a 6E Alfie!
@Alfie That's a 6d then
Where does "this is genius, you are a god amongst men who has finally explained the entire history of the internet" fit in the scale?
Sorry meant 6e
I was aiming at a 1E :P
Does pointing out an actual factual error count as pedantic?, it ought to be in the on topic section - especially as you subsequently add a comment saying you've corrected it.

Perhaps instead Pedantic should contain those who criticize so called incorrect use of the English language - unless of course its a legal document, medical notes, a manual on servicing a jet engine etc. in which case its probably a good idea to be pedantic.
I really can't tell whether or not the above comment is meant to be ironic! I suspect that will be familiar feeling today....
I apologise if this is off topic, but this is not one of the best things you've written, is it? i wish you'd written about something else - like buses, or trains! I like trains, where do I get my time back? You've spelt "postulating" wrong, btw.
I wish you'd written about something else, anything in fact, Christmas Lights possibly. Anyway I don't know why I started this comment, try harder DG!
4h) Comment commenting that another comment is not off-topic because...
This comment is off-topic.
After only one hour, and already well on the way to collecting the set!
When I went to Rome, I went in the summer. It was so hot!!!!
When I went to Rome, I went in the summer. It was so hot!!!!
Will DG be rating each comment from now on using his new scale? Is a new more direct form of "moderation" now in operation?

I note that responding about buses in a railway post yesterday seemed to cause various alarm bells to ring and gentle rebukes to appear.
My legal advisor told me to make no comments
Surely the colours for 'off-topic' and 'unnecessary' are in the wrong order? It would be more harmonious for 'off-topic' to use the light blue of 'unnecessary' and for 'unnecessary' to begin the sequence of blue-greens.

This is a 2d comment
What about slightly oblique comments with a touch of dry-but-gentle humour that indicates regular readership? Enough of this reading, I'm off to try to find a bus-stop.
Sorry I had a 2g this week and failed to post a 2h Tut Tut - must try harder
Dear DG. I enjoyed your reports from Rome very much, particularly the cats at Largo Argentina. There can never be too many cats on the Internet.
Should you feel inclined to visit my home town which is Stockholm, Sweden, do contact me, and I'll put the kettle on.
Feel free to classify this comment any way you like.

I love kittens!
Comment typed into the box but never submitted after getting the impression my statement was either too trivial or too convoluted to be of interest, or badly written.

This might be your 2e.
Where does general praise and fulsome appreciation fall?
DG Post Value Hierarchy


- Anything about Bow
- Anything about Bow Bus Stops


- Most other things

*Please note DG reserves the right to moderate and delete comments he doesn't like without explanation.
Because that was such an enjoyable, entertaining and thought provoking post...
Oh dear, 1F and 2C almost all the time. Could be worse I suppose.
Glad to see any comment is better than no comment! Lets hope you don't get too many that are trolling, spamming or insulting. But perhaps some off topic comments are the triggers for posts lke this one?

For me, the quality of the often informative, occasionally amusing, comments from your vibrant community of readers is one of the reasons for coming back every day. Oh, and your excellent writing too, of course. But can we have more about your local bus stops, please?
Just commenting anything not to get a 7d.
Comment complaining about excessive information about Bow bus stops.

Comment complaining about insufficient information about Bow bus stops.
There is nothing wrong with the ordering of the colours. It would be nice to know the RAL nos. so I can get some paint mixed for a nice stripy DG designed front door.
Carry on like that and it will be a 7d day every day

(this comment qualifies as 7a, 7b, 7c, 6d, 6e)

I prefer doughnuts without holes (5a)
It's in blue, is Mourinho going before Christmas?
Great post DG.

Which reminds me...

The sequel to the classic Raymond Briggs Christmas animation, The Snowman, is beautifully complemented by a festive flight on the Emirates Air Line.

The Snowman and The Snowdog's iconic flight scene will be brought to life throughout your Emirates Air Line experience using immersive digital effects and specially edited sequences from the film, combined with aerial footage of the cable car and London's famous landmarks.

There are also a number of photo opportunities available at both terminals. Take a picture with a life-size Snowman, or on a replica ski chairlift complete with a snow machine and The Snowman and The Snowdog as the backdrop. Or snap a selfie with one of the characters from the film during your flight.
Is tomorrows post a list of commenters, with each assigned a Comment Value based on their last 15 posts?

[waits expectantly to find my overall Comment Value Rating] ;)
You have omitted my personal particular OFF-TOPIC hate:

Comments that go to great lengths to try and produce a spurious argument why their comment is relevant and on topic (but clearly it is not) and then, feeling that having established that it is relevant, go to even greater lengths to write a mini-thesis on something else of their own choosing.

I am sure this could be put that more succinctly but I don't feel guilty as there is no category of comment that rambles on needlessly.
Oh Dear. My favourite comments are the funny ones and these do not seem to have a spot on the scale :(.

Apparently I missed some recent kittens! Off to Rome (metaphorically speaking) to find them...
Yesterday's bus intrusion within a railway blog was a moment of real concern, I take it. Now today's listing does indeed mean that a Comment Value Rating can be assigned. This can be by Self Assessment as at last we have DG's Diploma ODL system to hand. We can then award ourselves a DDG should we reach a level of DG approval for quality and relevance. If we can't work out the pass grade ourselves then that means an automatic fail. Of course.
OOOOh. Are you going to show us a graphic DG? Please. Pretty please.
@Herbof At the Risk of getting a 7a even if this is not my intention in this post (and a predicate of the system seems to be that how a post is interpreted always matches it's intention - oh dear was that a 3d)?? ... if this was a real academy with real diplomas and if we didn't all get grades of 1a to 2a then the fault would be DGs for posting material that we could not engage with constructively, not ours for having monkey minds or fingers too anxious at the keyboard.
oooh! And a 5c - DG is in the Guardian!
If this comment is off-topic, then it is not off-topic, because the topic is "off-topic comments". However, if this comment is not off-topic, then it is off-topic, because the topic the topic is "off-topic comments".

I will now go back to my task of shaving everyone in the village who does not shave themselves.
What rating is - I love reading DGs blog, my life would be poorer without it?
Antipodean: and DG has a few mentions (but no photo) in the Herald and a few others.
I was mortified last week because not only did I trigger the dreaded OFF-TOPIC KLAXON unintentionally, I was also shrunk to a much smaller font !

Seems that 'Apologies for going slightly off-topic' earned me a 4(b) and replying to slightly-off-topic Timbo just above also scored a 4(e).

Does that mean I now have only seven lives left?
Hmmm, I think I know what this is!
In the same kind of way that Catcher In The Rye amounted to chapter by chapter essays on each of the main features of bi-polar disorder, I reckon you've been doing a psycho-analysis of your commenters.
Just by swapping a few names (Unwelcome for non-empathic; Veering for poor association, etc.) it seems you've got most of us grouped down as displaying some symptom or other of depression.
But hey, who is to say you might be wrong?... it's not like there's a shortage of evidence!!!
(BTW, one man's "Off-Topic" is simply another man's knight's move thinking :) )
The 3s. All of them. Wankers.
Surely you mean "DG is in the Guardian - again!"

That would be a 4e (or maybe a 2b, 4g or 5c), but by saying so makes it a 4c, were it not for this sentence which makes it a 1e
Antipodean ... it can't be a 5c because I hadn't seen it until you pointed it out
I like this.Are you are going to use this to provide a statistical analysis of all our comments and grade us accordingly? But have I just skewed my stats with this post? Will I accidentally slip down to a 4 if I mention the status of Bus Stop M. Oh no I don't like this at all I wish you'd written about something else. Dammit now I'm fallen further to 6.
In that case I'll take this opportunity to go completely off topic and say there's an engineering train at Custom House Crossrail. As I type it's still there for anyone that's interested. Is this a first? Dodgy piccie from the DLR included
In a nutshell:

On topic - welcome.

Veering - fine, but don't do it too often.

Pedantic - don't do it again.

Off-topic - Klaxon.

Unnecessary - comment may be deleted or comment may have a reply made about how unnecessary said comment was.

Unwelcome - more likely to be deleted than a unnecessary comment...but may have a reply.

Offensive - Sh!t happpens...
Some of this blog's finest comments are pedantic.

But not all pedantic comments are this blog's finest.
"Some of this blog's finest comments are pedantic. "

Do you have a favourite?
Frankly, sometimes it's hard to distinguish class 1 comments from lower class comments. For example, whether a comment belongs to 1d, 3a, 6e and / or 7c could rather depend on subjective views.
I live under a bridge. I eat goats and spam,spam,spam,spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
Only here can one get comments about comments...and, in my case, a comment about comments about comments.
RE5URRECTIONI5T, I like your New Bedford Rising. What's the origin of the theme?

Get a life.
Needlessly commenting to say that I only popped in to see how Pedantic or off-topic PoP's comment would be, given how ruthless they can be over at LR. And I was disappointed. Try harder, PoP! (I could claim a few numbers, but I'd be more on-topic then)
I think I must be one of the very few to have produced a comment in category 8a; Totally unacceptable, partially censored by dg. Of course, we never see the 8b (removed by dg) comments.
I find I cannot comment from work due to our arcane filtering, so often miss the comments.
What marking do I get for deliberately commenting a few days late to ensure no one reads the comment?
@ popartist

Well, I've just read your comment.

You get a 'Wide Of The Mark' mark !
I suppose a category 0 comment would have to be purple prose?

Perhaps it would still expand on the theme of the post although it could be extravagant and ornate in a way that breaks the flow and draws excessive attention to itself?

Or would that make it a 1b? or perhaps a 2f? In any case the '1s' category seems to be the closest to a purple colour scheme?

And if such thing as a category 0 existed, would it somehow loop intergalactically back to the other commented proposed category 8?
I've definitely 4a'd before, a couple of years back. Pretty embarrassing.
I've been away from this blog since the Roman Forum, due to Christmas-related demands on my time. Nearly turned into an ex-reader!
Catching up didn't take as long as I'd feared as there was lots about boring old timetables that I didn't bother with.
2a) and 4c), I think, and a little bit of 6a).
Is pointing out typos categorised as 3d?
Is pointing out typos categorised as 3d?
Can't believe I just did a 2g. Won't compound the problem with a 2h.

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