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great report... another amazing place which makes london london...

Did you manage to get to Dagenham Breach?

I lived just down the road for 12 years, and apart from a brief glimpse as I drove past on the new A13, never managed to see it. Now I don't live in the area, I'm relying on you to see things for me.

Anyone not in the prime of life planning a trip should bear in mind that the only place you can go from the new bus stn - the c2c stn - involves 90 filthy litter-strewn steps!

Cutting the DLR extension was incredibly short sighted, and recession is no excuse. When the original DLR was built through the isle it was a railway through a waste ground. Now they can't keep up with demand and have modernised and increased capacity over and over again.

Having lived out that way, I couldn't see what the DLR would have added to over the existing rail service. It's far too slow, and even the extended trains are too small. It would be a lot quicker to go to West Ham or Limehouse and change there.

I have always thought of the DLR as a toy railway: too slow, too small, and all a bit pointless except for just doing a trip.

Of all the places you have visited I probably know Dagenham Dock the best, having worked on numerous projects in the immediate area. It has some charms - occasional glimpses of wildlife and exotic vegetation in London's worst named site of nature conservation interest: "Goresbrook and the Ship & Shovel Sewer".

Simon: same here :) In addition it runs on funny bridges just like a rollercoaster.

I used to have family in Dagenham - do they still have the enormous mountain of burning tyres there?

Simon - tell that to the thousands of people who, like me, use the DLR to get to work every day. It's loads better since they've upgraded it. It's pleasant being above ground as well.

" more than five times an hour". Have you been in the Big Smoke too long?

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