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Thanks DG, another area to flag for a walk someday.

What makes me giggle are the signs saying "Brent - home of Wembley".

Well, since there's no actual place called Brent, why don't they just call it the London Borough of Wembley?

Lovely windows in Kensal Rise, c 1895 I would guess.
In East London, they would all have all been ripped out and replaced with "improved" UVPC double glazing.
I found the mountainous Gladstone Park in Brent rather interesting..with impenetrable goods railway through the middle of it.

Um, so what, or whom, is there to stop you walking off with the collection? Just asking, like.

dg writes: CCTV. Allegedly.

I do love these 'random posts'. Highlight of the weekend!

Inspector; the borough is named after the river that runs through it. And Wembley the town in is pretty non-descript(apart from the stadium). It absolutely would be the wrong name for it.

Ah, the tornado. Which reminds me of the (unintentionally) funniest thing I've ever seen in the standard:

I live in Crediton Road, which is the road next to Chamberlayne and the other which was hit by the tornado. You're basically right about the damage being repaired - we had a Street Party to celebrate the last family moving back in, and that was in September, although one family decided not to move back in and some repairs are still ongoing.

Chamberlayne Road has changed a lot in the last 12 months - lots of N.Hill style boutiques and children/baby shops (gives you an idea about the demographic changes there) though whether they'll survive a housing market slowdown I don't know.

Queen's Park is a great place to visit nearby though I am not sure whether it is in Brent or Westminister or actually counted as part of the City as its run by the Corporation.

Just wondering: in that first sentence what ethnicity is being referred to? Is that the ethnicity that is non-white or Asian or Caribbean. Always find this an odd way to use the word "ethnic".
What ethnicity are "white anglos"?

Geoff - You cynic. Ok, it's a bit funny, but the tornado could easily have killed a few people - luckily the time of day was when most houses were empty.

There's some great views of the damage done if you go here

put in postcode nw103ds and select the bird's eye view from 3 compass points and zoom in (but not the default North, as that must have predated the tornado)

Aw yay, home :D

1) The Brent Museum is indeed rather quirky and brilliant - you can tell they've spent money on it, for no particular reason. The sari exhibition used to be an exhibition of giant animatronic insects, just to add to the bizarre nature of it all.

2) I was at school down the road when the tornado hit. Sitting in Maths, indeed, when some boys ran into class claiming to have been in a tornado - not that anyone believed them, until they revealed the mobile phone evidence. (If you were that close to a tornado, would you take out your phone and start filming, or just run?)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane DG. When I moved away from my parents in Hendon I bought a maisonette in one of the very quaint little roads just behind Highfort Court called Ash Tree Dell and lived there for about 3 years. It is indeed very pretty round there, and very suburban

At least Brent seems to be more attractive than Hatfield, that other centre of aviation history.

I love those little local museums though. I remember once visiting Lowewood Museum in Hoddesdon, and it was similarly lacking in visitors to the Brent Museum, and similarly packed with fascinating local exhibits.

I do hope you'll be reporting on the National Theatre of Brent. Oh look, they've got a website

What sylvia said. If there is "an ethnic majority", let's hear what their ethnicity is. Anglos may be mongrel, but even they have an (etiolated) ethnicity. It would be misleading to lump minorities together and call them "an ethnic majority". "Ethnic" is not a synonym for "non-anglo".

No-one has mentioned goose.

(Um - I figure it's just a typo for 'without' an ethnic majority, that's all?)

Alright, alright, let me attack that first sentence from a different angle.

And here's a pie chart with all Brent's ethnic percentages from the latest census.

You forgotten to mention Willesden's most notorious resident, Dennis Neilsen (my mate lives in a flat almost opposite the house on Melrose Avenue)

dg writes: I wrote all about Dennis a couple of boroughs ago, in Haringey, which is where he lived when he got caught.

Well done Diamond Geezer on your excellent reports on Brent.

A few more interesting points...

The castlellated follies in Buck Lane feature for a few seconds on the Madness video of the "Our House" single.

Charlie Watts, drummer of the Rolling Stones and also James Hanratty, hanged for murder, went to Tylers Croft Secondary Modern School which is now Kingsbury High School. George Michael also attended Kingsbury High for a short time.

The first series of Grange Hill was filmed at Kingsbury High.

There was an aerodrome at Stag Lane in the 1920's, a short distance from Roe Green Village. Amy Johnson learnt to fly there. Hence, Amy Johnson Court at the top of Mollison Way, named after Jim Mollison, her husband.

My tip for shopping at Ikea. Don't bother going upstairs at all. Walk into the store through the checkouts and you can go straight to the cheap merchandise. NEVER go there on a weekend.

No mention of the Ace Cafe, just up the road from Ikea?

Being a bit pedanty - that first sentence isn't necessarily correct, as many of that non-white majority were probably born here, and not overseas.

dg writes: I've taken this statistic direct from council literature, which states that 50-something\\% of Brent's population are not UK-born.

Glad to see some consideration of usage of the term "ethnic."
I'm from Brisbane and here in Australia "ethnic" is used in a range of ways and is often a 'code'word.
Over 20 years ago someone I knew used the term "ethnic" when making a disparaging comment about Italian workers. At that time "dago" and "wog" were often used to describe Italian and Greek migrants but I think this woman thought she was being more "refined" or something.
The use of language is a wonderful thing and often revealing....

"Vibrant community" means dark-skinned people too.

I was Kingsbury born & bred - my grandparents lived in Bacon Lane just at the edge of Roe Green village, and my father was born in Aeroville at the back of Colindale station (think it's gone now).

Couple of follow-ups from Bernie's post - I went to Kingsbury High and appeared as an extra in Grange Hill - they used the local Scouts & Guides for this.

Charlie Watts painted a picture of Regents Park Zoo which was on the wall of the main corridor of the Tylers Croft building. As I shared the same surname as him I used to tell the other kids he was my uncle!

Just before he was caught, James Hanratty offered my mum (to be) a lift whilst she was walking home from work, she refused, saying years later that he had 'strange eyes'. I guess if she had accepted I might not have arrived a few years later!

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