please empty your brain below

There's some stunning art nouveau stuff at the Brighton museum too.

The Royal Pavilion is one those buildings that I've always wanted to see. Looks absolutely out of this world.
This is now on the to do list. ;-D

Also, it was used as hospital for wounded Indian officers during WW1.

There are some pretty good pictures around if you do a search.

Anyone thinking of rushing to Brighton this weekend to visit the Pavilion, think again - it's closed for maintenance until Friday 3rd Feb

Rub it in, why don't you! I went to see the robot exhibition yesterday but didn't check the opening times. Got there at 10 and it doesn't open till 2 on Sundays!

Brighton Museum is wonderful and the coffee shop does very good cakes!

I did a search of your site but didn't find any reference - have you done the Brighton sewer tour? A nice counterpoint to the Pavilion. They're very proud of their sewers & it's a surprisingly popular tour.

I was one of the elderly resting in the music room, but there is plenty to study. Mu parents took my sister and i to the Royal Pavilion in the early 1960's. I remembered what a small boy would remember, the kitchens, all those copper pans, the fireplace and the rat.The other memory was of the kings bath, a large affair with seawater piped in from the seafront.What i really remembered was the crane which lifted the king into his bath, as he was too heavy to climb in himself.It's not to be seen now, and of the staff knew anything about it. Anybody out there know the answer ? am i suffering from a false memory ? An excellent day out, and thank you for trailing the event DG.

Palmeira Square is nice but my square, Brunswick Square is nicer.

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