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You ask about the KFC chicken advert but a closer look at Wembley High Road would reveal a large number of chicken outlets including KFC, and a brand new Popeye's that threatens to drive Sam's and other smaller brands out of business. Popular with local school kids at the end of the day. The queues outside the dosa shops are for takeaway street food and illustrate cutthroat competition, where the newcomer on the corner advertises its prices as 1p cheaper than next door! Thanks for an interesting post about our local river.
"...a Victorian thriller called Gaslight but I've told you that already."
Excellent work :-D
I put Derek into Streetmap's search bar thinking it would be unique but it turns out there are 16 roads named after Dereks. Perhaps surprisingly, Sylvia has only a few more.
That footbridge over the railway looks both interesting and grim.
"Gentle Brent, I used to know you..."
Good old Wembley F C. The one non-league club that always gets a mention when the F A Cup starts each season!
Hats off for tracking a very nearly lost river here. On the last stretch Google Street View seems to have travelled most of the way along the hugely long dead end road called Argenta Way behind the Tokyngton houses, before encountering an assortment of TfL and Network Rail depot entrances and gatehouses, suggesting that despite its rather discouraging appearance it may be accessible to the public. There are what look like occasional glimpses of the river (or at least the culvert) along the route.
I do love a lost and un-lost river, but I didn't bother with this one when I followed the Brent and all her tributaries!
Thanks for showing me I didn't miss much!
Very interesting article. I used to live close by but had no idea the brook existed. Sadly in metroland, rivers are rarely part of the urban design. Even the river Brent is hidden away for much of its journey.
‘Harrow’ isn’t one of the estate road names not because Harrow school is close but because the Harrow Road borders the estate, and that is probably why the estate got named after other public schools.
You could also have mentioned that this was once the location of the Wasps RFC.

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