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Congratulations DG. Here's to the next 1,500,000 visits!

Congratulations indeed.....but who on earth is still coming here via my old Blog?

Personally I think blogrolls are mainly just used by blog owners these days...certainly that's the main reason I update mine now and again.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

feedburner would give you a lot of stats on who is reading your feed...if you are interested.


dg writes: Tourettes?

Congrats. Also, you're welcome, as always: glad my readers come over for a peek.

I've just looked at 'Auntie's slightly-less-than-straight-down-the-line, speculation-not-news website'. Harriet was on the front page. So can you tell us what the male/female splits of your readership and blogroll are? And what the mean, median and mode of their salaries are?

And ... if you'll ignore or dangerously misquote the stats to fit your ends anyway?

Ta muchly...

long-term rss-reader here de-rssing to actually comment!

congratulations on the vast number of views - well done! A testament to the quality, frequency and upholdedness of this fine blog!

"About half of these bloggers I've met in real life, which was nice,"

No link with yesterday's post, I trust

dg writes: rest assured, zero overlap.

Oh dear ! I've linked you for as long as I can remember. And I'm not on the radar screen ? At least one in one gnomes from Glasgow follow you every 2 and a half days.

Very long-term reader here. Many congratulations!

I use you blogroll sometimes when I want to read some extra blogs -- much better than random searches or examining a pre-assembled package associated with a reader or blog provider.

So who was it, or dont we know?

In one of those pin dropping moments last night, I noticed I follow your Flickr page and have done for longer than your blog. So it seems, in more ways than one, I'm a fan.
Well done for having got some many interested on your daily musings.

Still dreaming of making the Top 10... *sigh*

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