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Yesterday I was thinking "Blimey, he walked all that way and he would have been interested in Carats"; I underestimated you. When you entered that "desolate strip" you had just passed Millionaires Row with it's private beach access. Norman, Zoe and others (unmentionable) have places there.

At one of the terminals just before the power station there are often huge, pebbly mountains that have been sucked up from the sea bed and spewed onto the quayside. Gulls gather round the darker (wetter) heap and you'll see them picking the fresh seafood from the pile. The clever devils have even worked out that it's a lot easier to drop a hard shelled mollusc in front of a large Tonka truck and let it do the hard work; hard hats needed.

The ATC (the bit at the top) at Shoreham Airport is delightful in that it still uses a table-top wooden board with columns and little blocks to control the flights; it works well. Alas, it's not open to all.

Great pictures BTW, can't believe I've never seen the coach/boat before. Thank you

Seriously? That strip of white villas at the western end of Hove Lagoon is Millionaires Row? <googles> Blimey, so it is! Zoe & Norman! Heather (& no longer Paul)! Mr Walliams? I thought it was a just a tacky private terrace denying access to the beach.

Fortunately I did take a photo of it, even though I didn't know what it was at the time!

Millionaire pilots??? Come off it! Although perhaps those landing fee rates will keep away all us smaller fry who just love flying even though we cannot really afford it.

And I have just been notifed of this via BW.

Shoreham Harbour may be ugly, but I had a superb day there watching three different rare birds that found it a nice place to hang out.

I want to live in that ferry/coach houseboat! How cool is that!

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