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I get the impression that during this month, that there is a mad rush to spend the budget before the end of the financial year. But maybe I'm just bitter, because whenever I want to go anywhere at weekends the underground is shut.
Can we please do something better than building a cable-car from a place where no-one lives to a place that no-one wants do go, always broken and expensive - and instead build something more useful - perhaps a relief to the Rotherhithe tunnel (w**kers at TfL deciding to reduce the width limit to 6'6" doesn't work.) We now have tailbacks streching from London Bridge to Shooters Hill.

I can leave the peninsula, but I can't get back because everyone wants to go in 1 lane under the river. More importantly, if I need the fire brigade, police or ambulance, they ain't gonna be able to get here because they can't get through the traffic.

So thank you TfL, for putting my life at danger. And the same to you, BoJo, and your pathetic cable-car.
Or how about investing in our tube stations to make them accessible for all? Struggled up and down a dozen staircases today with pushchair taking my little one for a day out at Science Museum, but at least I could still get around - for wheelchair users and other folk with mobility issues, their travel horizons are really limited by the poor provision at our Tube stations, particularly in zone 1.
Speaking of the Rotherhithe Tunnel width restriction changing this week - it managed to cause absolute traffic chaos. I commute from the area by bus and some days it took me three times as long to get home as normal, and there was disruption to all the buses in the mornings too. Was it because the police were present all week or will the traffic be a permanent feature (does the new restriction slow traffic down more?)
The new barriers do slow down traffic - it ain't easy negotiating a 6'6" gap. Personally I hate the tunnel and never use it, its just a damned nuisance that the road planners built a tunnel in Rotherhithe.

You see, thee Rotherhithe Tunnel was brilliant in the old days of horse and cart, but isn't suitable for modern roads as they can only squeeze into one TINY lane with a 20mph speed limit. And don't mention when they close the tunnel for maintenance or there's an accident down there - it's like us residents of Rotherhithe are in prison, only escape routes is a massive walk to Rotherhithe / Canada Water / Surrey Quays (ELL doesn't cut right through Rotherhithe as TfL claim) or a massively infrequent and overpriced boat ride to Canary Wharf.

If Jamaica Road and Lower Road are blocked up with cross-river commuters, bad luck, can't go out today without paying our dear friends, TfL, some money to use one of their services. Clever, ain't it? When they decided to close one the southbound Blackwall tunnel for maintenance, they had a one way system with southbound travellers through Rotherhithe and northbound travellers through Blckwall, everyone from Jamaica Road trundled up Lower Road, blocking our way out. I still have nightmares about those times! Being stuck in a car park (sorry, Jamaica Road) for six hours ain't fun. But as long as BoJo's slowly turning London into Boris City, that's fine, innit?
Sorry to deviate slightly off topic here, but what has Boris Johnson actually done for us? He's had five years in charge now. Here's what he's done, in no particular order:

1) Poxy cablecar that nobody uses
2) Upped the cost of the congestion charge
3) Tried to pretend that the Olympics went well while most of the tickets were unsold
4) Designed a new bus (imagine the bus is full. Yer gonna fall off the back!)
5) Tried to get Londoners hot and sweaty for work in the morning with his cycle hire scheme (my nearest docking station is at London Bridge unless he wants me to swim to Canary Wharf)

What he's gonna do:
2013 - Pay loads more money buying blue paint for his cycle superhighways (why get in a warm car when you can be up against the elements on a bike instead?)
2014 - kills David Cameron and assumes control of the UK, immeadiately abolishes Parliament, the Monarchy, and our freedom.
2016 - Claim that the entire success of London's transport network is down to him and that all failures are the fault of Peter Hendry
2018 - Make London a no car zone and force people to travel on TfL infrastructure instead
2019 - Lick the a**** of Emirates and Barclays and get them to 'sponsor' his latest wacky idea while using OUR money instead
2020 - Renames London 'Boris City' and the UK 'Borisland'.

WE HAVE TO GET RID OF HIM ASAP (unfortunately that's 2016). I suppose we could ask the Al Queda whether they could arrange to kill him for £1,000,000 - it would save us money, pride, freedom and being brainwashed. He's another dictator...
This one worries me:

> Jul 2013 TfL Website: Launch of new TfL website

The current website works fine! I've seen many websites get much worse when "fixed". A good example is National Rail's website, which got much worse after an update a few years back and still hasn't returned to the speed and functionality of the old site.
For all the annoyance, the two bus routes that run this way have definitely improved in the five years I have been here, so it isn't all doom and gloom!

I agree about the website redesign, I have seen a lot of good sites and smartphone apps regress in a bad way all under the banner of 'improvement' which is the most galling part
Yes, it was the new website that caught my eye. What is the new one going to better than the old one?
TfL's new website will be better optimised for smartphone users, and have increased accessibility options.

So it might be an improvement. Or it might not.
I prefer to view the "normal" version of websites even on my phone.

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