please empty your brain below

I’m a daily reader because of the variety, despite the personally-irrelevant stuff, and because your writing is so good that it brings life even to the to-me-irrelevant stuff.
The Count 1 increase is only because of your ability to make this blog head and shoulders better than most other efforts out there in the ether. Congratulations.

I know it has been said before, but a collection of blogs would make an interesting and useful tourist book, and is a relatively straightforward process these days.."The Diamond Geezer book of London".
I love reading about cafes in Acton, litterbins on the tube and outlying villages in Havering. Please do keep your superbly vaired content coming, I love it!
Count 3: I think you have struck the right balance. It makes for easy, interesting reading without being too waffly, which I'm sure contributes to continual rise in Count 1.

Count 9: I wish my waistline was below 2019 level - or even below 2022 level!
Has the mystery count ever happened in a month other than February?

dg writes: see last year’s Count.
If and when the Mystery Count does occur in a February, will you tell us what it is? Or will we just know that it happened?

dg writes: see Count 2003
Count 8. Does the not having to travel by train comment imply some form of personal transport has been acquired?

Does this mean that we may see subjects from more far flung railway remote locations?

dg writes: No
Count 9

Ever considered doing one of the long distance walks. The Coast to Coast guests we get do it in days of around 12 miles each, so your fitness is already up there - and significantly above that of many who turn up on our doorstep. Of course the terrain is a bit more extreme than the majority of London...
I get less time to leave a comment nowadays but I still visit every day to be entertained and educated as I have for many years now.
Many thanks for continuing to provide us with such a high quality blog.
Every London borough visited, at least 6 times, wow!

I'm very surprised that you've not been to any station outside Zone 3 though, implying some long bus journeys to explore the outer London boroughs.
Re No.1 Blog Visitors ... I've never been clear how that's counted. I check in every morning, but often come back to refresh the page and read new comments later on. Am I being counted as one visitor or multiple visitors.

dg writes: A morning and an afternoon visit would count as 2.
Interesting that The Count in 2003 received no comments.
How much does the annual travel card cost? Is it possible to work out what the average cost of each journey is? Great value for money I would guess.
I'm wondering if you count these (and/or other) things in months other than February. I suspect that you might.

dg writes: 1, 9 and 10 yes, the others no.
Is the Mystery Count the number of times you’re recognised as DG by someone you don’t know?

I’m almost sorry you drink Earl Grey, for the fact you’re missing out on the wonderful Yorkshire. Are you a Twinings boy?
Count 2. Every last comment counts in February.
I always enjoy The Count which this year inspired me to count some aspects of my life.
Nights spent away from home: 4 (2 on a work trip, 2 on a weekend away)
Slices of bread eaten: 55 (Highest daily total was 5, lowest was 0, most frequent was 2)
Mystery Count 2003 attracted no comment because it was DG's first year to put up the Count, so it wasn't the eye catcher it is today, 2 full decades later.

I have already consigned that The Mystery around the Count is destined to DG's grave.

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