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You don't always have to pre-book National Trust properties such as Ham House, as they will allow walk-up visitors in if pre-bookings haven't reached capacity.
I have no idea how they came up with £12.50 to see the Painted Hall, probably one of London's worst value tourist attractions now, IMO.
A useful list. I hope that Severndroog Castle will soon be opening as well - which you have written about so inspiringly in the past.
Hall Place in Bexley is at least partially open.

dg writes: alas the house remains closed.
Thanks for the inspiration. I too think The Painted Hall, splendid though it is, is significantly overpriced. Not sure I paid £12.50 to stand directly below the ceiling during the recent restoration works.
The five attractions that've received the most clicks from readers:
» Rainham Hall
» Crossness Engines
» Wandle Industrial Museum
» Forty Hall
» Croydon Airport
I genuinely didn't know Croydon Airport had open days, so thanks for highlighting that! Seems others were interested too!
Kingston is not a complete cultural desert. I'm just back from the parish church, where English kings were crowned before Westminster Abbey was built, and has a very good coffee shop.
It's not highlighted well on their website, but it is worth noting that Osterley House (in Hounslow) is open Wednesdays to Sundays with no pre-booking. See here and here.

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