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South Bucks sounds great. Unlike some of your earlier "outer ring" where you have seemingly been making the best of rather limited material, there seems to have been enough good stuff here to have been worth coming even without the pull of "doing" another local authority.

It is evident, though, that careful advance planning pays ample dividends.
The fact that Pinewood studios are nearby may also contribute the Burnham Beeches and Stoke Park being used for film locations.
St. Giles churchyard has also been a Bond film location. The opening scene of For Your Eyes Only, where Roger Moore visits his wife Tracy's grave was shot there.
Ah, Bekonscott! Favoured destination for my-in laws with small grandchildren in tow.

Also with small sons in tow many years earlier.

Looks like it might well still be worth a visit.
My parents took me to see Bekonscot model village in the 1950's. Last year I took my own grandchildren to see it, I'm not sure who got the most fun out of that day.
Well that's another day out (or two!) planned for me! Thanks!
ahhh yes, Bekonscot ... been a while since I've been there

and nice to know unaccompanied adults can shamelessly enjoy
Never been there! Thanks! ;)
One of today's photos is inexplicably already in my Top 40 most-viewed Flickr photos ever (while the photo next to it in my photostream flounders in the Bottom 10).
maybe tag every one of your photos with "train"

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