please empty your brain below

I'm no map nerd or guru, but I like the map.
" so there is nothing new to moan about"

That's a rash challenge to issue on a Monday morning..
The imminent Kentish Town closure came as an abrupt surprise to local shops, businesses and residents when announced last month, not least as separate construction works are taking out the northbound bus stop opposite at the same time — though, hopefully, not for a year. The Thameslink side does stay open, but still has no step-free access, so getting to, say, King’s Cross/St Pancras, could be a liitle faster once you’re on a train but a right pain if you have luggage and now no escalator to the Northern Line.
Can I moan about there being nothing new to moan about?
I believe Knightsbridge and Paddington (B) blobs are in the pipeline.
Can’t we moan about the time-honoured and well-loved Ikea logos, such a iconic part of the London Underground scene?
I wanted to moan about the opening of Brent Cross West being so delayed, although I realise the delay is paltry next to the Elizabeth Line

Plus ça change...
Slightly surprised Brent Cross West wasn't included in some form, seeing that it will presumably open before the next version of the map comes out
They haven't removed the national rail icons at Seven Sisters and Edmonton Green. I believe the Greater Anglia trains have stopped calling there.
Don't like the front cover
TW: to be pedantic there are now three late night trains at Seven Sisters heading to Liverpool Street run by GA - 0004, 0012, and 0022!

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