please empty your brain below

This is classic DG at its best - thank you - makes me want to go and see it all right now. I was especially taken with your photos and write-up of Normanton Church. Really intriguing stuff.

Great write up, DG. Want to go see for myself.

Just one thing - any trip out of London to the countryside at this time of year requires a full set of thermals, plus wind & water proof jacket, trousers etc. The countryside can be way colder. That's Easter for you!

They'll come in useful come the Summer - specially if it's a normal English one.

Rutland really is one of Englands gems, thanks for this.

Uppingham is also really rather splendid

Thanks for the amazing lake tour. I think I got chill blains just reading along.

The half-sunk church is very odd and amazing.


Here's a 360ยบ view of the interior of Normanton Church courtesy of the BBC.

They also have one of Oakham Castle, though for some reason they've chosen an exterior shot.\\_castle.shtml

I think I'll wait til it warms up a bit, looks good tho.

The museum at Normanton Church has gone sadly. It's used as a wedding venue now. I'm not sure if you can go in if there isn't a wedding on (as there was a wedding on today when I passed).

The Rutland Belle still sails.

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