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RSS be damned, I miss the color (colour for you).
Los Gatos, CA, USA

I have a monochrome monitor. What colour?

I agree - it was better when it was green.

Yes, where is the grey?

Oh my god - another spell has gone wrong. The RSS feed has taken over the main blog page...

Hello, DG. Thanks for the special RSS treatment. Finally getting a feed reader again after a couple of years off has meant I've caught up with lots of blogs I hadn't had time to read for a while.

What usually keeps me from commenting, though, is that I use Google Reader on my phone and typing comments takes much longer (and posting then sometimes doesn't work, which is very frustrating).

Its OK, even those of us using RSS still love you..

I'm an RSS reader and I really appreciate this post! As a blogger, I find it difficult to be attentive to RSS readers as much as to website readers, and you had a really good idea to do it this way!

I wasn't looking for traffic but the link I chose for today seems appropriate....

What does a trollish comment look like? Anyway, DG, I'll talk to you later on Facebook .....

Aw, thank you for thinking of us! And your image actually displayed at the right size in my RSS reader for once too...

And today's post is exactly why I don't use RSS!

I have not looked at RSS before your posts on it. So I thought I would try it and now I have to choose which "newsreader" to use - help! Which one is the best?

I read the blog via normal interweb, and still hadn't spotted the "what's on this weekend" bit in the sidebar! Thanks for pointing it out - v useful!

I use a reader but it's one that lets you view the page as it appears on the 'net, if you like. And I do, so I do.

I happen to read DG by normal web (in the office) but I also use Firefox live bookmarks which takes you straight to the real page though for some reason on yours it loads all the surrounding posts not just the one of interest.

At home I use Thunderbird feed reader which renders at least some blogs in all their glory - Tom Reynolds is one that always comes up in full. Others do come up in plain text and encapsulated videos rarely work. I have never tried DG in that but I will tonight if I remember.

I tried RSS feeds but it felt like dozens of impersonal e-mails being flung at me every day with pressure to digest rather than sit and read.

Like real life, I prefer to go out and get the paper rather than have it thrown on my doorstep.

So on RSS does it show you the pictures of kittens? Is it worth bothering with?

Don't like the RS feed thingie, far to modern and sounds a bit rude too quite frankly.

I know I don't comment as much as I used to however I still visit and read everyday when I have access to the web.

DG (proper) Rules!


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is simple, and convienent too (if you ignore the fact that you often have to visit the original blog to comment). However, the simplicity also extends to the rendering of the posts you read: while this makes the posts load more quickly, I do have to agree that this strips out some useful features, such as sidebars and, of course, comments.

As for feed readers, I quite like the well-named FeedReader. Google Reader is a good browser-based tool. I believe Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Mozilla Thunderbird also have RSS-reading capabilities.

RSS is the only efficient way to read all the blogs and podcasts we subscribe to.

DG is one of 47 on our list! We don't have time to visit each site every day to check if they posted!!

Is they techy omphaloskepsis going to be over soon?

Robot love

Honey and Dick

I'll have to try me this RSS of which you speak.

Sounds like it blends multiple blogs into a seemless mix unified by the common beat of text.

Then I could begin commenting by post. Do you have a PO box DG?

This doesn't apply to DG (but of course!), but RSS readers can make unpleasantly designed (but well written) blogs a lot more readable. I shall refrain from citing examples, but there are some blogs whose layouts make my eyes ache so much that I actually can't bear to read them in their native format. Thanks to RSS, I now get to enjoy them without discomfort. Without RSS, I'd have given up on them.

Well done you!!

People complain when it's green, people complain when it's white! Cannot please everyone. IMO it looks quite crisp and clean.

Now there's interesting.

A post targeted at RSS readers gets 60\\% of its comments in the first three hours (rather than the normal 30\\%) and three quarters of its comments by noon (rather than the usual half).

The internet's speeding up.

The techy omphaloskepsis isn't over yet ....

Please don't dump the piccies. Your photos are part of your ace blog and as a mere feed presence you are only half there. You are too good for that. Bugger those who read newsfeeds, think of those of us who like the full Monty and won't accept anything less.


RSS - Bah Humbug is all I can say.

Nice entry - thoughtful about us RSS readers, I use Google Reader and it serves its purpose. Sometimes it's just not possible timewise to visit 30 sites to catch up!

You really should pay attention to us RSS readers.

I don't have the time to visit your site several times a day to see if you've posted something.

And given that I've got a lot of other interests, if I had to slice and dice my time between all of the websites you might get a look once a fortnight if you were lucky. And then I'd shake my head at the backlog of stuff I had to read and probably not bother.

But using a reader I get to see your posts as they happen. And I can prioritise them. So you sit in my "London (interesting)" folder. Which gets looked at before the "triva, might be worth a glance on a rainy day" stuff.

Plus, of course, I'm not so sad as to be tethered to my computer. If the weather's good, I'll be off doing something.

My PDA and RSS lets me read stuff offline. So should I buy a newspaper to while away the train journey? Or should I read you?

RSS isn't perfect. But used cleverly it's a great tool. It's probably not a coincidence that the number of RSS readers you have is climbing.


> Please don't dump the piccies. Your photos are part of your ace blog and as a mere feed presence you are only half there

is nonsense. I see the photos in my reader.

There seem to be a lot of luddites out there.

I do have a special pre-RSS feature, called a clock. If it's 7am, I've probably just posted something. And if it's later than 8am, I almost certainly haven't.

CdL Creative - Couldn't have said it better (perhaps slightly nicer though).

Not sure what the argument is about though. DG can carry on as he pleases and readers can read as they please RSS or not.

Peace to all.

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