please empty your brain below

New bus route 135 starts on Sunday and runs from Crossharbour to Old Street.
TfL have kept it very quiet though, I only found out through noticing the new bus stops going up and emailing TfL to find out what was going on.
Perhaps an idea for a future post?
Or will it have to wait until you're 135th birthday?

Just checking...
starts Saturday


dg-you must try to get out more..

That's your "Saturday surprise" posting buggered, then.....

This is clearly an exercise in "how can I use the most possible words to say so little"

The question you didbn't ask was...............

Which route number in London has been used more times than any other on different services..???

I think it might possibly be 255, but I'll have to check it out.

Is it OK to out myself here as a bus route number/history anorak..?

In the three cities I've lived in; London, Berlin & Munich.. I've always swotted up on the route historys.. and BTW, sometimes the same combinations of route numbers do occasionally appear in different cities.. i.e. in Berlin & London the 4 & 19 ran together, in London and Berlin routes 55, 97, 56 & 236 all had common sections of route..

and yes, I do have life...

Found out this week, thanks to the leaflet dropped through the letterbox. Good news, always thought we could do with more routes/buses on the Commercial Road. Might even try it out tomorrow.

Surely to get from North Greenwich to Cutty Sark you'd take a pleasant but slightly eerie walk along the Thames Path with the river on one side and a bleak industrial landscape on the other? Or the 188 if you don't have 25 minutes for the walk...

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