please empty your brain below

Glad to see I'm not the only one doing blog-related activities at this inhumane time in the morning!
You'll probably walk it quicker than the bendybus anyways!

Didn't think a proper "tubewalk" would be practical, but I'll be interested to read about your walk. Lots of pictures please!

Cheers, Walker

PS: And I know how lights/traffic can really foul up your normal time/distance ratio.

At least its not raining!

Happy stepping - I'm off to Brighton today so I don't think I'll be able to join the effort.

Have fun, dg.

I used to walk to work on a regular (nay, daily) basis - an hour and 20 mins or so, from Swiss Cottage to Bloomsbury....although around half of this was over green spaces, including Primrose Hill, so there was much of beauty to attract my attention along the way.

Now, living in Southend, and working in Shoreditch, it's no longer a realistic option....

As you may well know, you can get walking routes (of up to 120 mins) plotted on the tfl journey planner, too, if you make the correct selections.

(Oh, I must have skipped over your last paragraph there. Oops)

What a glorious walk that was, and the five miles sped by in less time than a football match.

Nobody at work appears to have noticed that I'm fully exercised and very slightly sweaty.

Good on you DG! I live about 6km from work and get the bus in to work (probably near your work - on Kingsway) but always walk home, except in the case of rain etc. I think this is better than walking to work as it's downhill all the way and the busses are slower in the afternoons. But a one and a half hour journey should not be beyond most people.

well, you could have mentioned Walk to Work Day yesterday, so I could have done something about it. I think it would have doubled my normal cycling commuting time, from, erm, 2 minutes to 4 minutes.

But then I'm moving in a couple of weeks, so will have at least an 8 minute cycle. Oh, the horror!

DG did you really count the steps ?

I see that you didn't go for the "low air pollution" route - exactly 2 miles longer but along the Thames for a lot of the way and a bit of the Lea river. You may have even been able to keep up a higher average speed due to the quieter roads.

Good on you DG.

I noticed the roads were very quiet this morning when I was out earlier....I'd put it down to the NUT strike removing the school traffic from the roads but maybe everyone was just walking to work...... if only.

He was wearing a pedometer, Colin.

I hope you wearing deodorant as well, DG........


beats them all!

(possibly my favourite spelling mistake of the year, that)

i am unemployed for about 5 years

Well done DG. But, as you say, an hour and a half's walk - and only to get to work - is not something for everyday if one can avoid it. Walkit makes mine 5.4 miles (1hr49 medium pace) or 6.2 miles (over 2 hours) by the low air pollution route. Now here's a dilemma - celebrate the day by walking home, or go by public transport as usual and go to the gym as I'd planned...?!

I tried feeding the details of my commute into walkit and it wouldn't play, probably because it's about 70 miles each way as the crow flies, 45 of which fall outside London altogether. It would be less a case of 'walk to work day' than 'walk to work week'.

I did once reluctantly walk home from college (Maida Hill to South Tottenham), which took about an hour and three quarters. To knock out such a large chunk of the city in that relatively short space of time - under your own power - does make you reassesss the scale of the place a bit.

My commute is from Finsbury Park to Canary Wharf and I usually walk the stretch between Kings Cross and Bank. It's a great way to start the day ...

Well, I walked to work today. All 150 yards of it.

Congratulations on your stupendous effort. I think you deserve a doughnut or similar, as you must have walked off quite a few calories. I walk 3/4 mile times 2 everyday, and think it helps to keep the weight down a bit, especially if I am carrying a bag of shopping. I treat myself to a square of chocolate when I get home as well.

As a smug city centre dweller and avowed non-driver, I always walk to and from work (except Monday mornings). It's about 12 minutes each way.

But I do live in Uxbridge and work in the city!!! still I took my doggie for a nice long walk when I got home, does that count?

Yes, like Scaryduck I have a short walk to work, it takes me 8 minutes.
I wonder how many people will even think of getting out of their cars today.This is another attempt to try and stop stop short car journeys, and also the "school run".

Well DG, inspited by your morning efforts I felt compelled to walk home from Paddington to Victoria in a nice stroll through Hyde Park yesterday evening - and how nice it was.

Excellent idea!

Despite all the ease of modern life, I'm afraid that the cave-man demands excercise as a matter of routine... as unpleasant as it might seem.

I also suspect that the key to good health, along with walking, is that the skinnier one is, the better.

It's really not that hard to accomplish either... after just a few adjustments to one's routine.

Congratualations on your walk!


Could just get your cholesterol levels down too, DG. Though the accompanying rise in CO & other forms of poison might not be such a Good Thing.

Maybe the Walk Home from Work would be a better idea, specially on a pleasant evening?

Otherwise I didn't hear about W2WD til today either! Though as I work at home that wouldn't make much difference. so I walked to the shops, & back!

The guy with the "pusbike" probably had a boil on his bum! - but seriously a bike is a definite option from Bow to Holborn. I did Wanstead-Strand daily for 19 years with no problems.

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