please empty your brain below

My comment reads much like it always does, but with a lot more snow in the garden outside.
Seems like most readers took you at your word and didn't bother then.
Ah but was the canal frozen? My boat needs to go back to its mooring in Iver but when I tried last week the canal out Ladbroke Grove was was 2/3 mm think and I guess going to get worse. Nice and warm onboard though once the fire kicks in. Came through Old Ford locks last Tuesday afternoon heading for Camden - looking forwards to the Olympic waterways opening sometime around July....
And you also fail to answer the most important questions - after a few weeks service how do the new View Tube refreshments compare with their much-praised predecessors?
I haven't tried the food.
The menu's certainly comprehensive.
Why no pictures of the rave!?
A question seeing as how you are a man in the know. Did they ever sell the city(?) lock lock cottage that was up for sale for a million quid just off Stratford high street?

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