please empty your brain below

Put your return address on the back. Then at least if the address is wrong the new residents can return to sender...

You missed the other dilemma - forename1, 2, 3 & oh hell what did they call their second kid? So complicated when people start breeding on you...

I only ever put my house number and postcode on the back envelope... I don't like to give too many clues


I'm so glad we've already sent ours otherwise I'd be having some major concerns prompted by this.....but now it's too late to worry (until next year).

I think you should work on the basis that none of these people really care about you. If they did, they would have let you know about such major changes. Unless they died of course, in which case, you were not that important that their family knew to ask you to the funeral. Save your money and don't bother with the cards!

it's people like me who are shacked up with another person but not married that get me. which surname? both surnames won't fit - so i usually try to forget the first names and put both surnames (if i know them).

well, in the days that i sent cards, that is.

You are completely right and I was unable to face it this year. Fortunately, I have a dutiful husband, or we'd be the ones everyone would have the dilemma about next year.

Leave it and try a phone call at an unChristmassy time, like a wet Tuesday in February. That shows more genuine interest and would help you to prune the address book where necessary.

Just email everyone with one of those musical jokey things going round the offices at the moment. Cards are just so last century, and what a waste of paper. Or as your last reader wrote, phone them up, one each evening. Helps to pass these long dark nights. You could always text a greeeting!

I love Christmas cards. I love writing them, receiving them, displaying them. And I cut up last year's cards to make gift tags.

I follow in the footsteps of Great Aunt Annie, except that this year I ran out of gift tags, so I cut up this year's cards....I did make sure that they were from people who would never visit of course ;-D

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