please empty your brain below

I've spotted the deliberate typo in the first para below the quiz!

10 - If music be the food of love, play on (or something like that!)

#3 - To be or not to be

I've found a lot of Warwickshire is nicer that most people give it credit for. Or Londoners, at any rate - I know some people in Birmingham who appreciate it.

14) Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.

6) Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...

Next time I do a quiz, remind me to write a warning comment in the box where you don't put the answers.

Does this mean I've misunderstood what you meant by 'Answers in the comments box.' ???

Yes, sorry.
Maybe the quiz's real comments box was disguised somewhat by a passing swan.

DG, if you haven't seen Shakespeare In Love, may I suggest you watch it. It's a lot of fun, and a masterly piece of film-making too.

Do not forget also that Stratford is home to the Teletubbies and the team behind them. Too bad I've been seeing much of the industrial estate there and not enough of the town by way of my work. By the way DG, how did you get there? Were you organised enough to get one of the trains every two hours? Here's a (expensive) tip: Take a cab from Warwick Parkway, the trains are then twice hourly and it only take 15 mins to get to Stratford, not 40.

Oh yes, I was organised enough to get one of the every-two-hours trains

But I kicked myself afterwards for missing the Ragdoll plaque in Chapel Street, where the Teletubbies were born.

Oi, DG, don't you be having a go at the Globe. It's much better than the RST. If you go on their tour, you learn that actors actually hate playing there because it's such a big space you just end up shouting to make yourself heard, which detracts from the nuance of the performance somewhat.

Of course, they may have put clever amplification thingies in there since I was last there. But the fact remains, no problems like that at the Globe, because it's magically designed to amplify the sound - and without the aid of Doctor Who.

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