please empty your brain below

There is only one Bond.
Nobody Does it Better.

How many of the action sequences were 007 rip-offs?

Was it lamer than The Mexican?

I watched that last night. Good jesus, it was some load of horse bollox.

Tony Soprano's character was just laughable, and Julia Roberts is a c*nt.

I thought xXx was brilliant. A total no-brainer, but fantastic effects. That avalanche sequence is one of the most thrilling scenes I've seen in ages.

That must be where I went wrong - I took my brain to the cinema with me.

Ok, so the avalanche sequence is a special effects triumph, but to board all that way down a mountain chased by a wall of ice only to get captured by the enemy within five seconds of reaching safety at the bottom rather ruins the whole objective of the stunt in the first place.

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