please empty your brain below

Reculver is a lovely spot, thanks for reminding me

if you'd gone on a Saturday you might have been lucky to catch a bus back
Been meaning to do this walk for ages. Looks beautiful.
Once or twice a year the towers are open and can be ascended.
I've no idea how you find out when, but I climbed the dizzy heights a couple of years ago before heading off to the pub for lunch.
Hey, this really was one time when you could've done with a bike! I've ridden from Seasalter to Margate (and back) a number of times simply because - on the right kind of day - it's such an enjoyable ride.
Hmmm... maybe there's an opportunity here for Boris
I helped out at a couple of beach missions in Whitstable in the mid-late seventies. It seemed a bit of a non-place then. Glad it's gone up in the world!
What I find intresting about this post is, a week after asking us our opions on the size and layout of the photos (small, large, quartered) on his blog, DG gives us the new dual photo layout.
You walked the second half backwards? That must have been hard work!

Sunday was definitely the correct day weather-wise to be in Kent.
Just noticed I have spelt "opinions" wrong, any chance you could install an "Edit Comment" button so when we notice mistakes in our posts we can correct them?
Barry fret not the readers can divine what you meant and it's hardly actionable.

Compare a recent newspaper report on a current trial where the website stated that the plaintiff was wearing a pink shirt - except that they missed out the r .

'twas corrected after advice.

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