please empty your brain below

careful geez - next thing you know you'll be project managing deep into the night using yellow posties on your office wall. nah - perhaps that's a bit far fetched...

ah, but sticking yellow posties on the office wall works so well...

then it's time you played 'Bullshit Bingo' - everytime you hear a bit of 'jargon' at a day off (sorry, 'seminar'), write it down; then the first to get ten shouts "Bullshit Bingo" and they count up how many are actually agreed shite commerce-speak meaningless nothingentities.

you'll be winning a bottle of Hildon Still Water in no time.

but only until someone decides to rearrange them for you

After 'proactive leverage' and 'synergies' folows my current favourite of 'granulate' (example usage: "now we need to granulate those ideas" or "that's not a granulated proposal").

Coming to an office near you soon, sugar.

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