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Surprised you didn't mention the Earl of Kilomrey's fomer house on the ex-Brunel University site, now beyond-restored and yours for £13m (no-one who could afford that will pay it for such a publicly-exposed house) or the new Marriott hotel at Syon Park.

DG, you seem to have two links to directions but no link to a map?

dg writes: Fixed now, thanks.

I love the Richmond section of route but it is such a shame that the peace is shattered by aircraft so frequently. They are an unfortunate reminder that you're only a short distance away from the metropolis.

The London Apprentice was where the concorde, that left London by boat, embarked on it's journey.
All of the lamp posts along park road had to be cut off, then replaced to allow space for the wings.

DG, it's just this sort of posts that bring me back time and again. Just fantastic, another place that I will visit, I just love all the information that you manage to cram into the article without making it boring. :-)

thanks DG - but this time missed your usual link to "the much better old leaflet" - or is it not better for this stretch ?

dg writes: Sorry, the old leaflets are only available on the London borough of Merton's website, and we're past Merton now.

Richard has done it too!

dg writes: True! you're in the list now!

Something odd happened to "River Crane" link:

dg writes: Sorry, that's an example of the dreaded Firefox4/Blogger img/blank.gif bug. Should be fixed now.

Ah! My neck of the woods. And a very fair assesment of what's on offer. Next bit is where I lived before Isleworth. I wait with baited breath!

Thanks ever so much for the flightradar link that shows real time aicraft movements. Now I can see everything on its way to Heathrow, why to they seem to fly over my house in North London. If you could do a blog post about why some us get it more than others with aircraft noise you will have one definite follower. How do you knock out such readable info. every day and have a job?

The neck of the woods in which I spent my college days. My campus was right by the Richmond Lock foot bridge, but now looking at Google street view it seems it's a new estate of luxury flats! *sigh*

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