please empty your brain below

Cunning bin-related plan - ask in a shop in the station and ask them to put your rubbish in their bin. They always have one behind the till.
They're normally happy to help :D

hello benj you sound nice me and my mate collette are going up west this weekend, get paid fridays, you looking to get laid? me an col gonna get laid aint we girl? we work in sainsburys in mayfair and we have bins at all the tills right and theres bins outside the store too. you ever in mayfair benjy, cos me and col are always about if you want 2 use our tills, mr archer our manager calls me anne-marie cus thats my real name but you can call me mazza, thats what col calls me. and all my friends. can you get di geeez out on the weekend too - me and col want his babies together. we not dyks or lezbiuns or nothin, we both want him. and cols my best friend so i said it was ok.

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