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10 brookie things i'll miss - mate:
1.lyndsey corkhill's apalling singing / acting / everything - she was sooooooooo bad she was great
2.max and patricia/suzanna/jackie/hole in ground/any passing circular orifice
3. the continued and painful juxtaposition of max and ron dicko - the class divide in microcosm
4. rons moby - the best dance act ever
5. terry's perm
6. sinbad - old faithful
7. mick jonnos single multipurpose facial expression - good for pained anguish/anger/lust/sorrow/joy and roid rage
8. jackie d - the worlds most implausible businesswoman
9. tinhead's ladee - she's the original old youngwoman - a body hormonally contorted to a scaree place
10. most missed - mandy's cow eyed rage before she knifed trev - classical vengeance to rival anything in the theatre dahling - brookie at it's
I ad that barry grant in the back of the bus the other night - baldy b*****d

katie rogers: 'look sammie, dad's dead now, we gorra start a new life on or own.' my friend paulo does a really top impression of this. he ain't got katie's warm smile though. she was great, wasn't she?

xD I am here

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