please empty your brain below

it's got to be Winchester then.(River Itchen was the clue)

Yes, chalk and Itchen, must be Winchester.

In days of old it was monasteries that gave free lunches of bread and ale to travellers. Sign of the times.

Yep, I'd agree on Winchester

I'm from there, is it cheating if I guess? I guessed it before the end of the first paragraph. I second DG in recommending the Cathedral Grounds (I used to work in the refectory, I'd recommend that less, since I left, of course).

Presumably you're up St Catherine's Hill now? Is the maze still there? If you've got time left in town, drop into the Royal Oak or the Old Vine.

You're all too good at this!

(yes, the maze is still up there)

I'm now convinced it's Winchester as well.

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